A Poem by Danny J.H.

a twisted love tale about the journey of the heart and the mind


Along the meadow heap I waked

To mountain frosted peaks I gaped

And all aground thrust in lush

A mystic land I’d not known such


A golden river flowed fro

And step to cross it I would go

To try and get to go away

Which took me all of a quarter day


Famished, pressed and full of sleep

I noticed coldness slowly creep

Around the trees of this land strange

Time had doth forgot my age


I fell a slumber into dream

By the trunk of an oak as it would seem

I dreamt of moments longing yonder

So curious it was to ponder


So quaint the chirp of nightingale

I woke to dawn, sky of pale

Fresh wind whipped my skinless cheek

The song of life I did seek


The scent wiped my lethargy

As I slowly girded energy

I began my traverse descent

And down the lonely path I went


I can’t recall the time exact

But I know that I did in fact

Find an end in my one-man path

And dared not try to scatter back


The flowers I can’t say I’d knew

Save their lovely shade and hue

Newish life I’d eren’t seen

And thought perhaps I still did dream


I learned quite soon it wasn’t so

That I lived real and true although

Something in my heart stirred a bit

And a kindled flame in my soul was lit


Her hair was beauteous, long and lain

Her irises sparkled lovingly twained

And being so bold I inquired her name

“Curious Ponder,” she smiled the same


What a marvelous title I thought:

Curious Ponder, what it ought

A name perhaps fitting quite fair

For this elegant beauty that I had found there


She took fast my hand and began a talk

Continuous rambling allotted our walk

She said of this land which she called Nevernot

Where none remembered and hardly forgot


We traveled through many a mayflower tune

Striding till sun did show high noon

A bit of rest and drink I desired

So Curious and I to a pond did retire


Be hidden a lost and furrowed lake

Did we find there the sparkling lake

To which I had been previous told

Whose waters brisked lavishly cold


Then did sweet Curious Ponder

Tarry to go and listlessly wonder

Where dangers were precarious hid

So follow her into the forest I did


Time had not been longly spent

Before I saw where to she went

She’d fallen a slumber into dream

Under an oak as it would seem


So nothing in mind and naught to say

I went down beside her forever to lay

And fell to sleep that I did

We in the forest dusk had hid


It seemed as if days and years had gone by

And not a tear in sleep did I cry

That is until I finally woke

And found no hair for my hand to stroke


For in my slumber she Curious had gone

And nay had I the love that I longed

With tears in my eyes and red on my face

I up went and got to an unsteady pace


I managed a crawl to the pond’s edgy naugh

In the glistening water couldn’t bear what I saw

My face was in folds and my hair had turned gray

A shockingly horrible loss at to say


With tears I would cry, I slumped to the tree

Where once had slept dear Curious and me

And perhaps I’d sound weak if said this to men

I wondered if I’d ever see Curious again…

© 2010 Danny J.H.

Author's Note

Danny J.H.
i had this written awhile ago but i have been so lazy about publishing so ill have a bunch up as soon as possible!

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Wow This is amazing I really enjoyed this write.
Very poetic and such a wonderful flow.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow! well done! loved this write so much!

Posted 12 Years Ago

holy s**t danny this is insane!! i seriously thought i was going to cry! well done!! this is truely brilliant!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I won't read this until you add commas, periods, etc. to control the flow. As it's written an educated person will start at the beginning and not stop until the end. Without commas and periods and all that your rhyme scheme is useless because we shouldn't stop until the end to allow the ends of each line to matter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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"She took fast my hand and began a talk
Continuous rambling allotted our walk
She said of this land which she called Nevernot
Where none remembered and hardly forgot"

My favorite line. I truly adore this poem. I don't know why. I don't think it matters but, i truly love it. Beautifuly done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

this was a truly brilliant write. well done~

Posted 12 Years Ago

this is a great write, i really like the description. cant wait to read more from you!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Danny J.H.
Danny J.H.

Dunwoody, GA

Hey! My name is danny, i'm 13 years old and i am a very avid poet. more..


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