Chains of silver wishes [One-shot, YunJae, PG13]

Chains of silver wishes [One-shot, YunJae, PG13]

A Story by Aldora Sparrow

A JaeHo (Hero Jaejoong and U-Know Yunho) fanfiction. Not sure I got the two down right, but I try ^^; Mentioned YooSu. Enjoy! :D


Chains of silver wishes


“A wish of gold is like fire; burns strong but doesn’t always last. But a wish of silver is like water; cool, but ever-flowing. A true promise is the union of a heart of the strongest gold and the wish of the purest silver” ~Anonymous


Jaejoong cursed lightly under his breath, rubbing his quivering hands together. D****t, he knew he should’ve brought his gloves. Well, too late now. Leaning against the wall and pulling his hat over his cold ears, he watched his breath rise in the late December air. Though he was protected from the wintry air, his cold heart sent ice crystals through his body. He wondered briefly why he was doing this.


It was 10:15 am. The early morning light found him at his desk, tapping his pencil on the blank sheet absent-mindedly. Inspiration tantalized him" just when he was getting an idea, it slipped through his fingers.

Suddenly the door slammed open and Changmin ran in breathless.

“What is it?” Jaejoong asked automatically without looking up.

Changmin took a moment before answering, “Hyung’s going on a date.”

“Who?” Jaejoong secretly hoped it wasn’t him

But it was. “Yunho.” Changmin said, eyes adverting.

The thin mechanical pencil clattered onto the table. Jaejoong was surprised how much that two-syllable name cut through him. He whipped around and stared at his band-mate. “What?” his normally smooth voice cracked unnaturally, conveying to Changmin the pain that his older friend still felt.

“They just went out earlier,” Changmin replied sadly, nodding.

It was common knowledge that any girl that went out with any of the DBSK members would get murdered by Cassiopeia, their rabid fan club. Yoochun and Junsu were pretty close already so most of the pressure was on the three of them�"�Changmin the cute/sexy youngest, Yunho the handsome leader, and him, Jaejoong, the pretty lead vocals.

His heart thumped darkly. “It’s…none of my business,” he managed to choke out, returning to the paper. “Not anymore anyway…” he muttered. He and Yunho had been close long before their band came into being. No, close wasn’t what was between them. Memories flashed in his mind… He shook his head fiercely, trying to rid the thoughts like pesky insects that bit him sharply.

“But it is,” Changmin insisted. “Jaejoong always liked�"�”

“That’s the past.” Jaejoong regretted the unnecessary pressure that entered his voice.

For a moment, Changmin just stood there, worry etched on his smooth face.

The door creaked as it was pushed wider. “Changmin is right you know,” Junsu said, arm around Yoochun’s shoulders. “You should at least watch over him. Make sure he’s ok being with a girl again.” Jaejoong noticed the slight accent Junsu put on “girl.”

“Why can’t any of you go?” Jaejoong asked the other three.

“Yoochun needs a haircut,” Junsu said, dodging his friend’s playful swipe.

“I’m meeting someone,” Changmin said, eyes mischievous.

Jaejoong finally turned to quiet Yoochun for support. He just smiled gently back him. “Go, Jaejoong-ah,” he said in his low rough-velvet voice.

As Jaejoong looked into his friends’ eyes, he knew, deep down, what he should do, where he should be. With a small smile of reluctant gratitude, he strode out of the room.


It was 11:35 already. Jaejoong glanced at the shop once more. It was easy to pick out the pair. At a rounded table, a very pretty girl with wavy mahogany hair sat with a taller man with dark sienna hair that stuck up in the back. Her full lips moved in incoherent words. Then Yunho’s mouth opened in a laugh, revealing shining straight teeth.

Jaejoong slipped back to his corner. As he stared at the smoky sky, he felt a knot tie in his throat, stubbornly refusing to unravel. He hated it. He hated how Yunho smiled at her like that. He hated how he leaned towards her with a loving look in his deep umber-colored eyes. Most of all, he thought, catching a snowflake in his palm, he hated how perfect they looked together.

He couldn’t take it anymore and, tugging his hat over his coffee-colored eyes, strode away. His hand went straight to the silver necklace, shaped like a plus sign. There was a loud tinkle and a door slamming. Jaejoong paused for a moment. A girl’s voice reached his ears. When a deep male voice followed, it sent shivers that shocked his body. He willed his feet to move faster, but he wasn’t fast enough.


He knew that Yunho knew. It was just the way they were connected. He only managed a few steps before a strong hand caught his wrist. Jaejoong refused to look at him though his heart cried to see that face.

“Were you following me?” Yunho demanded fiercely.

When Jaejoong didn’t answer, he took a step closer, forcing Jaejoong to meet his eyes. His deep brown eyes bore deep into him, making him shiver involuntarily.

“Were you watching me?” He asked. This time, his voice was gentler and Jaejoong could feel the restraint he exerted on his voice. He had always admired that about him�"�his strong control of himself, not letting his emotions fog his judgment, and his unconscious charisma that overwhelmed anyone who came too close.

An unintentional tear slipped from his eyes. Yunho’s anger rapidly melted to confusion to surprise and his words were lost when he saw a droplet slipping down Jaejoong’s cheek. Taking the chance, Jaejoong broke away from his hold and ran into the storm of white. And Yunho let him go.

By the time Jaejoong returned home, he was breathless and choking. It took him a few minutes to calm down enough to unlock the door. The apartment where the five members stayed was dark and empty.

“This is where we’re going to stay from now on, Jaejoong-ah.” Jaejoong remembered the first time he and Yunho entered this apartment. “Look, your room is next to mine. Now we can always see each other.” Yunho had said, gesturing to the open doors and eyes glowing with excitement. Jaejoong’s body remembered the way Yunho wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him closer to that warm body and heart.

“No…” Jaejoong muttered violently, covering his ears and desperately trying to dispel the images. “No…it can’t be like that anymore!”

Without taking off his shoes or jacket, Jaejoong fell against the cold wall of his room. The darkness seemed to close in as he cried softly, muffling the pained sounds he could not hold in. The entire time, Jaejoong’s mind was like a broken record, replaying Yunho’s words over and over, “Jaejoong-ah…Jaejoong…

Jaejoong didn’t hear Yunho later quietly striding past his room, stopping briefly to touch the closed door that separated them. His shadowed eyes were thoughtful and pained. What had happened between them? Both hearts thudded painfully crying out for the other, but lost in the rolling clouds of misunderstanding…


It was around eight when Jaejoong finally mustered enough courage to leave the refuge of his room. Standing up, Jaejoong noticed that twilight had already passed and the moon, waning or waxing he wasn’t sure, was high in the dark night sky. Without Junsu’s advice or Yoochun’s quiet presence or Changmin’s comfort, he knew. He knew what he must do. Things can’t continue this way…

The few steps it took to stand in front of Yunho’s room seemed to take an eternity. Shadows snaked around his feet. Jaejoong stood facing the white door. Thin golden-orange light filtered from the bottom of the door. He suddenly felt so far away. When had the distance between them widened until it was a gaping abyss? Jaejoong took a shaking breath and, briefly knocking on the door, opened the portal.

Yunho was sitting in a backless chair at his cluttered desk, back towards him. Faint music floated around and between them, almost widening the distance. Jaejoong took a moment to watch the images in the mirror slightly above his dongsaeng. Yunho was writing, wearing his black-rimmed glasses that framed his serious eyes nicely. His sienna hair glimmered a light gold in the lamp light. His cheek rested against a muscled fist.

Taking a shaking breath, Jaejoong treaded towards him, coffee-colored eyes continuing to watch the reflection. With each step, the features became clearer. The proud nose, the soft lips, the smooth-rough skin…He briefly noticed that Yunho’s back muscles tightened with his every tentative step.

Suddenly, Jaejoong was close enough to touch him. His mind went crazy in response. Doubts and fears threw notes of discord into the already turbulent chaos. Jaejoong shook his auburn head. Before another doubt could stop him, he wrapped his arms around Yunho’s waist. His heart thundered against his chest and Jaejoong hoped that Yunho couldn’t feel it. He noticed the special scent that Yunho always had and realized how much he had missed it. He felt the sinewy muscles knit together then unravel. Gentle sighs escaped both their lips.

After a gentle while filled with sinuous music, Jaejoong loosened his grip a little and, tilting his chin up, whispered in Yunho’s ear, “I’m sorry.”

For an instant, Jaejoong thought he didn’t hear. Finally Yunho turned around. The only warning he had was a soft rustle of his hair and a slight wrinkle of his shirt. Jaejoong had just enough time to move away. He couldn’t help noticing that, if he hadn’t moved away, their lips would’ve touched.

Yunho’s expression was hard to decipher, seemingly void of any emotion. He slowly took off his glasses, pausing a little as if choosing his words carefully. Then meeting Jaejoong’s lingering gaze, he said, “I thought our friendship was over, Jaejoong.”

The fiery umber magnetism was too much for Jaejoong who hadn’t met it in a long time. He glanced away, still feeling the sharp watch on his face. “No,” he muttered, voice like vibrato, quivering.

“No?” Yunho watched his every movement with a strange look on his handsome features. His heart started to rumble like a purring lion, but he held himself in check.

“No, I�"�” Jaejoong closed his eyes a moment. His fear tried to hold him back, to run away before he regretted it. But his mouth already formed the words that were buried deep inside his cold heart. “I still want to be with you…I couldn’t help following…”

Yunho let out a low chuckle that he couldn’t hold in even if he wanted to. When Jaejoong dared to look, he was greeted by a wide smile that made his heart start. Yunho kept laughing, surprising them both. This happiness was like a river, once the dam fell, it just didn’t stop until he totally drowned in it. He couldn’t remember when the last time he felt so at ease and joyful.

Jaejoong, on the other hand, was at a loss. Yunho was laughing like he always had, a sound that he hadn’t heard in far too long. He knew he was the cause, but the reason behind it evaded him.

Although it took a minute for Yunho to find control again, he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face�"�it just belonged there.  “Jaejoong-ah…” he whispered, umber eyes soaking every detail of his face.

Jaejoong’s voice failed him. Yunho shook his head a little. One strong arm wrapped around Jaejoong’s waist, drawing him closer. The sudden downward motion made Yunho suddenly aware of his hyung’s unique scent. After Yunho savored it, he pulled Jaejoong towards him a little more. Then, with his hyung’s dark brown hair falling and tickling his face, Yunho kissed him. Just beside the lips.

All motion in Jaejoong’s body just stopped. He felt the warmth passed though their touch. Part of him was disappointed that they truly didn’t kiss, but most of him overran that voice, celebrating the gesture. He was also acutely aware of their closeness. One knee landed between Yunho’s legs onto the chair for support when he pulled him in. Yunho’s muscled hand curled itself around his right wrist. Jaejoong’s nose grazed his cheek, soft against the sensitive skin.

At last Yunho moved away though somewhat reluctantly. His umber eyes became liquid amber in the low lamplight, warmth rippling in its depths. Again, Jaejoong’s deep brown eyes gravitated towards them and, once caught, he couldn’t tear them away. But this time, he didn’t fight it. The warmth he felt for Yunho rippled through him like the last ringing note of a love song.

When Yunho finally spoke, his voice was quivered a little from the emotion that drowned his body. It was so unlike him, to give in to his feelings like this. “Jaejoong-ah,” he said, sending a shivering awareness through Jaejoong. Names were powerful magic. “I…I don’t know what to say, Jaejoong…I still want to be with you. I thought I was the only one still holding on�"�”

Jaejoong stopped him with a smile. “No, I never stopped hoping. That things would go back to the way they were before…”

Yunho laughed lightly. “Oh Jaejoong-ah, I want to be with you. Even staying as friends is enough.” He opened his arms to hug Jaejoong again, but he had other things on his mind.

“Who was she? The girl you went out with today?” Jaejoong’s expression was serious.

“Oh her?” He grinned, revealing perfect teeth. “She is a good childhood friend. We lost contact once I entered SM Entertainment for trainee training. She was surprised to know that I became so famous and we got together to talk about the past.” Yunho’s expression changed to that of a mischievous little kid. “Jealous?”

Jaejoong looked away and blushed. Of course he was, but he wasn’t going to say so. “Yunho, you’re such a mean person,” he muttered instead.

Yunho just chuckled and gathered Jaejoong into his arms. Giving into the warmth, Jaejoong rested his head against Yunho’s strong shoulder. They were pleased to find how perfectly they fit into each other’s hold, like two halves that were separated for too long.

Then a flash of silver caught Jaejoong’s eye. Sitting up, he reached for a silver chain around Yunho’s neck, feeling his puzzled gaze watch him. There, against his collar, was a shining silver shield. He could feel the now-warm silver plus against his own chest, dangling from a thinner silver chain. And he remembered.

“Jaejoong-ah…” Yunho’s voice was full of excitement that he couldn’t hide.

Turning around, Jaejoong grinned. “Yunho? What is it?”

Yunho’s expression reminded him of a little child waiting to please his mother. A hand hid behind his back. “I have something for you. Close your eyes.” As Yunho tied the necklace around his neck, Jaejoong remembered how his heart jumped like many times before when he came close. When he stepped away, Jaejoong’s skin tingled where Yunho’s hand had grazed it.

“What is this?” he asked, inspecting the pendant and feeling the coldness against his burning skin.

“A wish necklace,” Yunho answered. He held up his, showing Jaejoong its brother. “As I tied it around my neck and yours, I made a wish.”

“What was the wish?”

Yunho didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he stepped forward and wrapped his hands around his. Even then, Yunho towered over him, shielding him. When he finally spoke, it was gentle and Jaejoong remembered the warmth in his eyes. “‘I wish that Jaejoong and I will always be happy together and let nothing get in between us.’”

“You still remember don’t you?” Yunho’s words cut though Jaejoong’s thoughts.

Jaejoong, smiling, nodded. How could he not? It was a memory he had always treasured, but up until now, it had been lost behind the pain.

“Things have really changed since then, haven’t they?” Yunho said mildly.

“We were young,” Jaejoong responded.

Yunho snorted a little. “We weren’t that old, Jaejoong. Seventeen wasn’t… We’re only twenty-three…”

“But we’re not getting any younger,” Jaejoong said simply.

Yunho gave up. Holding Jaejoong close again, his mind traveled to the past. Through the smiles and laughs as well as the tears and pains. All just stones along their paths…

Then, breaking the delicate silence, Yunho said, “I think we should change the wish.”

Jaejoong was shocked, but a little part of him knew already.

“I don’t think we should wish to be together. We are always together no matter what. The five of us…”

Jaejoong nodded. “Then what should it be?”

Yunho thought for a few moments. “I wish that the five of us will always be here for each other and always be happy whether or not our paths are meant to cross.”

Letting it sink in a little, Jaejoong grinned. “I like it.”

With a pleased smile, Yunho just closed his eyes, happiness radiating from him. His lips were close Jaejoong’s forehead. They listened to their hearts beating together. Together…after such a long time. And both realized how incomplete they were until they were together again. Jaejoong, glancing out the window, saw the sliver of the moon and suddenly remembered. It was a waxing moon. There was no moon a few days ago.

He smiled, curling a little closer to his dongsaeng and friend. “Yunho,” he murmured a while later, “I will always be here for you.”

Shifting slightly, Yunho just smiled and kissed his cheek, lips lingering there a little longer. “I know.”


© 2010 Aldora Sparrow

Author's Note

Aldora Sparrow
Hyung: Korean honorific that a male uses to address another male older than himself.
Dongsaeng: Korean honorific that a male uses to address another male younger than himself.
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Featured Review

Awwwwww!! sooo cute. I knew Yunho and JaeJoong can't stay apart! haha
I really like the story. Especially the silver chains concept. And I enjoyed the opening quote the most. It made me really want to read the story. Keep up the good work! ^_^ But I do have a you normally write yaoi stories?

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Wow This's a really cute fic ^~^

And I love the speech on top of the fic, too ^^


So can I translate it into my language and post it in my wordpress? ^__^

Please give me the permission. Thank you !

Posted 12 Years Ago

How... totally adorable! I just want to do one of those anime screams when a girl sees something cute. This was totally awesome. Any more?

Posted 13 Years Ago

Very nice. The quote captivated me from the beginning. I found it a bit hard to follow, but I got the general gist. Apart from a few small spelling/grammar mistakes, it was excellent. Caught my attention and kept it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I've read this a million times and i just can't stop re and re reading it...

Posted 13 Years Ago

The way you described his emotions and how he handled the situations was incredible. His emotions were very realistic and I felt that their personalities were nicely defined. Good job!

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was definitely amazing. I enjoyed it a lot -- very cute, realistic, emotional.
The imagery was great and your words really drew me into the story. Excellent job!
You really made it possible for the reader to connect with the characters. Keep up the spectacular work~! ^_^

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Awwwwww!! sooo cute. I knew Yunho and JaeJoong can't stay apart! haha
I really like the story. Especially the silver chains concept. And I enjoyed the opening quote the most. It made me really want to read the story. Keep up the good work! ^_^ But I do have a you normally write yaoi stories?

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I really liked this story! It was very well written! The characters, plot, and details were great! I love one-shots! I really enjoyed reading this! It was a cute story! :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

mechanically very sound and the story was clear. Very nicely done. 100 daisies.

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

LOVED IT, i had to read it twice since I'm not that familiar with Korean names.
I really liked how you wrote it, but I couldn't help but notice, are the two guys in a relationship????
(I'm not so keen on reading those kinds of stories, but the way you wrote the story really grasped on to me)
Can't wait to read other works of yours

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Aldora Sparrow

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