Cup of You

Cup of You

A Poem by David W Moore III

A different style for me, less intense...


I down a draught from my cup of you,
starlight dripping from my chin.
Cheshire grins float in bound inebriety
while twin Charybdis sing their wiles.

And yet the mirrors reflect a reflection pool
with time-missed mist obscurring the view.
But who am I if not of you, and you of me and we conjoined?
One does not need to see the sea to feel the hands of Poseidon's feal

But what I mean is still concealed and rightly so,
for as Clotho sews, so Atropos hews
and rainbow hues sing long lament.

But what I meant was sadness heals
upon the heels of morrow winds
that wend their way from whence they came.

And still I down a draught of you
with starlight dripping from my Cheshire grin.

© 2013 David W Moore III

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but still wrings with the sadness of memories...reflections in that cup...

i really like the Poseidon line...often we don't need to see, to feel...

and time does heal the sadness, no matter how long it will get give that Cheshire grin and move along...
or at least have another cup.

Posted 3 Years Ago

David W Moore III

3 Years Ago

Thank you. This one sort of wrote itself. It started as one thing and ended as quite another.
interesting word plays, it may not be as intense, but it is also not as straightforward. this deserves several reads to find its full flavour. There are interesting Freudian connotations to decipher here. on first reading found this alluring, another review may follow as I develop my understanding. Very well written.

Posted 4 Years Ago

David W Moore III

4 Years Ago

This started as a love poem, but I can't write anything simple so it morphed into something a bit mo.. read more

4 Years Ago

And what is simple about love? The bane and mantle of all romantics and troubadours :)
David W Moore III

4 Years Ago

Damn it would let me just post a smile
I am a bit unsure how to rate this poem. Simply because I do not recall much of Greek mythology. But, I do see the overall picture created by the cups and the pools. There seems to be an overall water theme here and it sort of soothed me. I noticed you repeated Cheshire grin, not sure if that was on purpose or not. If so, then I see you used it to get your point across.

Posted 5 Years Ago

David W Moore III

5 Years Ago

You were correct in your assumption. :)

5 Years Ago

Ah, for once I have figured out an interpretation. Have fun
You can drink in the beauty of life and yet never get your fill.


Posted 5 Years Ago

David W Moore III

5 Years Ago

Thank you. This is a little different than my normal style.
Dave such a beautiful ode to love .

Posted 6 Years Ago

David W Moore III

6 Years Ago

Thank you, Tate

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David W Moore III
David W Moore III

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