Another A B C Story

Another A B C Story

A Poem by Deborah Leah Krempa

A nother story this time it happens to be about me

B eaten battered and abused and so damned confused

C old hearted and cruel was he but this I could never quite see

D runk half the time and out of his mind

E very time he would drink his personality would change

F or the worst and he would rage at me and he would curse

G uess you could say it became an everyday occurence

H itting me became his only means of control and assurance

I  was afraid to leave more than I was to stay until one day I ran away

J ust as fast as I could I ran with my life tired of being a battered wife

K ept on running and never looked back until now

L eft him the night he nearly killed me with his fists in my face

M y ribs were cracked my eyes were black and I was disgraced

N o longer would he be able to hurt me for I finally left him for good

O ne more beating I could not have stood and he knew it as well as I

P acked up my children and said good-bye with tears in my eyes

Q uestions racing through my mind of how I would live without him

R eflecting upon the good times and the bad and the situation at hand

S carred inside and bruised on the outside so tired of living in fear

T he first time he ever showed his violent side I should have left him

U nder no circumstance should I ever have stayed I know that now

V ery insecure I was at the time and he knew it and he played on it

W omen with low self-esteem like I had don't seem to understand this

X ray vision must be what we need to see through this kind of man

Y ou know it takes a lot of courage to break the cycle of violence

Z any as this poem may sound I hope I have helped someone else to get out!

© 2008 Deborah Leah Krempa

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Very well written. It toches a cord. Abuse of any kind physically, pschologically is frightening. Afraid that if you leave he would find you and the abuse would be worst, but if you stay you may be dead. Afraid you wouldn't servive without him, not accepting that he might kill you if you stay. I was a victim of verbal abue, smacked a few times just one black eye in 23 years. He use to tell me he'll kill me if i leave him. I believed it, so I hung around and didn't leave until I was in my 40's. It wasn't me who had the low self esteem it was fear. He had the low self esteem because he feared losing someone he loved and used fear to keep me there. It didn't matter to him that I stayed out of fear not out of love. You did a wonderful job with this piece, so sorry you had to exprience the ugly to be inspired.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Very well wrtten, great write!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is one of the most creative pieces I've seen on here.. emotional.. and real..


Posted 11 Years Ago

Excellent poem for the following reasons:
- it was moving and powerful
- great story using a difficult format
- good flow; easy for the reader to follow

Thank you for sharing your writing on the Cafe. Best of luck in the ABC contest.

Posted 12 Years Ago

AWSOME Just AWSOME! Will you stop by and submit this for one of next Eblast. We have so many LavenderPower sisters that this poem will definately help!

Safe Hugs

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow this is scary. for (2) meanings:
1) because of its scary the story linging. no one should put up with abuse and its good you stood up in the end and fought! props to you!
2) becuase i like to say scray when things are good. (ex: when i see a platter of spaghetti my mouth watters and it looks scary, bc it looks really good!)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Omg this is powerful.
And it is true NO ONE should stand for a beating or anything.
Thats why i love my partner i no he'd never hurt me and that he loves me for who i am which is ME!
Love goes out to u

Posted 12 Years Ago

AHHHHHHHH! You've done it yet again! This is beautiful. And I understand exactly where you're coming from. I had a line of abusive men in my life. It's what my "subconscious" is attracted to, I guess. But you came out with yet another beautiful acrostic, and pulled it off with great flow and great writing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm so glad you got out hon - it is a scary thing and people who've never been there don't get it - it's a process - break your spirit - destroy your self-worth until it becomes a prison that's so hard to break free from. Always carry with you the knowledge that you found that strength and courage - fall back on that when times get hard.


Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm sure this will help someone understand that the man doesn't deserve her and that she doesn't have to be with a person who does not respect her.
Q uestions racing through my mind of how I would live without him - this, I believe is what holds a woman back.
It is sad to live without the person you love/loved but it's better to be sad than emotionally wrecked.

Thanks so much for sharing. This is such a wonderful write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I hope so too! Men who bash women are cowards and I have been trying for years to understand the mentality that keeps them in a situation such as this. I guess all I can come up with is that they are under the misguided impression that the man will change? But a leopard never changes his spots NEVER!!!
I also think that children are better off in an environment that offers peace and quiet than to be living under these conditions.
You are a battered soul Deb and I hope things are better for you now. You have been through so much...too much.
Nice acrostic talent go you good thing and don't let control freaks get a hold, you should be able to identify the signs and keep clear of those mongrels.
Helen xxoxx

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Deborah Leah Krempa
Deborah Leah Krempa

Toledo, OH

I am grandmother,.. My children and my grandchildren I love them all so very much. They are my gifts from my creator, the blessings in this life. I simply adore poetry and the .. more..


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