Carlos Castenada

Carlos Castenada

A Story by DiMar4u

feedback of a perspective gleaned from the collective experience of the talented author named above

.i began my castaneda journey at fourteen....the freshness and openness of my imagination allowed me to dive deeply into the world he unveiled. i have read and reread many of his works, the idea of this world around me, participating in the journey of my life, and surrounding us all with influence and insight, always gave a richness and depth to the world around me. ....i don't feel as if we disappear when our bodies expire. i have come to understand that we are like ever lasting rays of sunshine, and our unique perspective as a living being is unified to the source with a presence of self integrally incorporated into the fabric of that experience....who we are in this incarnation will be everlasting, i've come to believe, yet, not in a way relevant to the comprehension my mind can envelope with the limitations of corporeal sensory framework.
**as best as i can relate, i imagine it all as a collective consciousness, and, much like a wifi connection, we are in constant interaction with this collective. in as much, when we expire from our physical existence, we likely are uploaded into that realm. our identity being integrally relevant to the data collected, it would be reasonable to presume we are included in the upload as caretaker of the experience, and, in some ways, interpreter.

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how do you perceive existence?

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Added on August 14, 2022
Last Updated on August 14, 2022



Lodi, NJ

-you might describe me as a magnanimous perpetual transmuter, or you may simply point and say "..that guy over there-" more..

i am. i am.

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