Streams of Consciousness - Barn Drawing

Streams of Consciousness - Barn Drawing

A Story by Dave

It occurred to me today, after a failed attempt at sketching the exterior surfaces of a barn, that straight lines interest me in only the most academic of settings, those being, for instance, ones in which the initial value of a dynamic system is followed spatially by a series of points - an infinite set placed infinitely close (which is to say that space is infinitely divisible [as can be seen by one of Zeno's paradoxes]) - indicating the rate of growth or decay of said system, but in the absence of curve, a barn drawing becomes (quite tediously) nothing more than an exercise in determining the spatial relationships (e.g. distances, angles of intersection, and so on) of a finite set of straight lines, which is why, upon closer inspection, I'm left wondering whether or not sketching the exterior surfaces of a barn is more of an academic endeavor than I had originally figured it to be and, by that very property, deserving of greater consideration w/r/t its similarity to, let's say, determining the degree measure created when extending the side of a closed figure, and so I find myself now confronted by a paradox (dilemma? quandary?) that I have not the energy to decode and so I'll defer to the reader.

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I see all of this so clearly as I, myself, get so lost in all the details of something so simple as a sketch. This is a good write --but your words are like kernels of corn in a kettle waiting to be popped. They haven't flourished yet but they will. Indeed, once you solve the riddle as to how to find the volume of a Klein bottle, things such as barns will be child's play. Completely on the other hand, if this write is meant to be a poem, then you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams! To that, I would then say bravo because this is an excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Came by to see what you have written almost I was back in school. Personally I always hated math, it always made my head hurt. Going to suggest a couple changes, which I will email and note here. You need to break this up so we readers don’t drown in a sea of words. We do like to a breath before we drown that it what line breaks and Paragraph breaks are for.

Welcome to the group Inked pages were help every writer with his or her work by showing not telling as to fix errors we see and know how to fix.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Story by Dave