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A Story by DJ Adamczyk

Recorded incidents of premonition I have had in the past.


1st. Remembered Incident

I was much younger. I’d say between 10 and 13 years old. I had a dream I was on the deck of a family friend’s seaside house. A bee had come by and stung me. A few months to a year, at most, I was on that same deck and was stung by a bee. I recognized the situation almost immediately. I had heard the term deja vue and blurted it out, telling them what just happened to me. What I should of said was premonition.

For those of you who don’t know this, deja vue is thinking you’ve seen something before, it’s almost as a psychological trick your brain does to you . Premonition is where one actually see this plays it out in their mind (my dreaming) and later occurs into a real life situation

I dreamt prior months in advance that I would be stung by a bee on that deck.

2nd. Remembered Incident

This had just recently happened to me. A few weeks ago I had gotten in a car accident. I was driving home from my school, Specs Howard School of Digital Media Arts, and it was our second night of a real snowfall throughout December and January. I had been in the far left lane where I hit a patch of black ice. My rear flew out to the left slightly along with my front swinging to the right; then quickly flipped vice versa to the point where my car was perpendicular with the lanes, although moving in the original direction of traffic. My wheels then gained grip and drove me head on into the median. I hit the wall, and performed a bouncing ball effect on the wall until I slowed down and was now spun around facing oncoming traffic. Immobile. I hurriedly searched the area to make sure no giant haystack fell on me killing me. Nothing came. But then I realized where I was and drove off onto the side of the road. My entire left headlight was gone, exposing the whole left corner of my car. After making sure it was still drive-able with the help of a kind by passer, I drove my new P.O.S. home.

Only a few days to a week before this had I had a dream of myself dying in a car accident. I was driving down Cass Road between Heydrenreich and Romeo Plank on it’s big bend. I was headed towards Romeo Plank where my car began to drift off to left, crossing over the road where I slid into wooded area. Luckily, I crashed into a haystack which stopped me from possibly sliding into the river that was to my backside. I sat there for a second to make sure it was over. Then, a giant haystack fell on my hood, pushing me into the river where I was trapped under a giant blanket of hay. I suddenly woke up before I drowned to death.

3rd. Remembered Incident.

This had surprisingly started and finished on today, January 19th. I had gotten up around 11 in order to make it to work. When I opened the door I was shocked to see that we had a few inches of snow and it was still coming down hard. I climbed into my dad’s car (we had switched cars because we cannot trust my car on the freeway and my dad has me drive his when I go to class) and headed off for work. The roads were terrible. I came up to a round-a-bout and began to break; my car then slid on a patch of snow, into the curb and bouncing off sliding off into the round-a-bout. I put the car in reverse, but the engine made a strange humming noise. After a few more tries I decided to give up, turn the hazard lights on and examine the damage. 

The tire was slightly angled, having the top of the tire stick out to the left. I called my dad sounding almost as pissed/surprised as the first accident and he drove up. From then, I was in a bad mood all day. 

Once I got home, I crawled into bed and dozed off. While I was sleeping, I had a dream where it seemed that I was at this party environment, in some kind of loft. I was there with a friend I know, she had a friend with her whom I have never met. But I also had a friend with me she had never met, although he doesn’t exist in reality. 

We started all getting more comfortable with each other and were having a fun time. My friend had brought treats that we were eating. They were so good. It wasn’t until about my 3rd treat that I asked her what it was. Before she could even reply, I looked down at the treat and inspected it. It was some sort of smores bar with worms in it. I freaked out and couldn’t believe I was eating worms. The rest of them ignored me and found no problem with eating worm stuffed smores bars. I ran to the toilet and right before I began to vomit, I woke up.

Later, I got together with a couple buddies of mine. We ended up going to a sit down restaurant and enjoy a nice meal. Half-way through, one of them performs what he calls the “worm.” He takes a shriveled up straw wrapper and drips water on it. As the water hits the wrapper, it expands, growing in length. The whole incident of a worm being brought up struck me once I heard the word “worm.” I had freaked out, noticing that these future-sightings couldn’t of been coincidences.

© 2012 DJ Adamczyk

Author's Note

DJ Adamczyk
Rough draft I decided to jot down.

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Added on April 24, 2012
Last Updated on April 24, 2012
Tags: premonition, deja vue, future sightings, psychic, dreams, dreaming


DJ Adamczyk
DJ Adamczyk


I occasionally write when I am in the right "mindset." I do enjoy writing however I don't as much as I think I should. more..

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