The House of deceit

The House of deceit

A Story by david jones

When the Marsten family move into their new house, they seem to enjoy it. But once night falls, strange things begin to happen and some terrifying is being unleashed.


A man stepped out of the horse drawn wagon, dressed in a shirt and slacks, with suspenders that curved around his shoulders. He paid the coach and grabbed his luggage. The scene before him, where the station should have been was a house that was under construction. The station had been ravaged by a war, that tore through this place, and that was why the house was being built, as a reminder that the nation, the city, could be stronger after such a devastating blow. He walked up toward the front, wrought iron gate surrounding the house, opening it. The man advanced toward the house. Several people were atop the house, pounding their hammers into the wood, nailing boards onto the roof. The man stepped inside the house. It was already furnished, surprisingly. 
The man had, himself, been returning from the war. He had been fifth regiment in the civil war, a rifleman. He had saved several comrades during the war, having received a medal by the president on the people he had saved. This house was in now had once been his; of course, now, it looked way different because the war had ravaged through this place, destroying everything, inflicting damage upon the house. He heard the steady boom of hammers bouncing off the wooden boards. He put down his bags and walked around the house, the construction of the inside of it completely finished. Couches and chair were sitting in the living room of the home, a grandfather clock standing guard in front of the door like a wooden soldier. He walked toward the spiral staircase. It was brand new. It wound up toward the second level, where the man would be sleeping. A window, with shafts of light shining through it, hung right in front of him.
There was a knocking at the door. The man stepped toward it and opened the door. A man stood there, sweat staining his shirt, bound, wooden boards on his right shoulder.
"Where am I to put these wood boards?" asked this man.
"Oh, right here is fine. The men up on the roof will come down and get the boards soon. Thanks," replied the man. The wood was dropped onto the ground and the construction worker left. The man retreated back into his house. He sat down on the couch that was sitting in front of a wall that was painted blue. He was glad he was home.


It was night.The roof was nearly done, but the construction workers had went home for the night. And the man couldn't sleep. He had had a bad case of insomnia ever since he returned from the military hospital, when he returned back to the command post. He was shell shocked. He had helped friends from the battle, saved them from the harshest of fates, he had also let some people die, and that haunted him in his dreams. He walked around the house. And then he heard something. A strange thing, coming from behind a door.
The hell...
A banging continued at the door. He looked around, trying to figure out where it was coming from. A sudden growling sound filled the house. The man looked scared, terrified. Sweat trickled down his face. He didn't dare go near the door to see what the hell it was...
A creak. The door opened. 
Scratching on the floor. It, whatever it was, was coming right behind the mall. A scream was caught in his throat like a piece of steak when a person is choking. He turned around. Gasped. What the hell?
It was huge.
A reptile had burst from the roared, thin saliva dripping from his mouth. It roared. It's eyes, crimson red, bore down the upon who stood, feet seemingly nailed to the floor. The man needed to know what the heck his thing was, how it got here, and why it was even here in his house. It advanced. Claws were on its legs. They dug into the wood floor. The man backed up.
There was
(what the hell is is coming for COMING FOR ME!!!)
crimson red smearing across the front fangs of the creature. The man walked backward, until he was pinned against a paint chipped wall. He had never been so scared in his entire life, not even when thousands upon thousands of people were dying when he was in war. He slid across the wall. The creature licked it's lips. The man then bolted. The entire house shook. There was an explosion of wood as the creature smashed through the wall. But then it was no longer a large, reptile like creature. Now it was small, with pointy horns, and sharp, bloodstained fangs. The man screamed.
The door where the creature appeared suddenly opened and there was a strange thing; fire. It was like a portal. It was like hell. The man had a rifle somewhere. He raced into his bedroom and then found the rifle. He loaded bullets into it and fired, sending the creature exploding in a fountain of green blood. There was an explosion. The entire wall was blown off. Fire spread throughout the house. The man fired the rifle into the flaming abyss. There were screeches coming from the place and then something with black leather wings that looked like a bat, but was ten times bigger, escaped. The man screamed. And then there was something he had never witnessed before.
His rifle exploded outward as he fired it. He screamed. Fire burned his face. Skin was being peeled back. Blood poured down his face. He was screaming and screaming because there
(My face my DAMN FACE!!!)
was another scream below him. It stopped. Sniffed him.
A flurry of motion.
Then he was dragged into the abyss, never heard from, or seen, again.

© 2012 david jones

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Added on June 4, 2012
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david jones
david jones

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