Rough Night

Rough Night

A Story by Mr.Cardigan



I want to throw you on the bed

Start rubbing the outside of your jeans till I feel moisture

As i open your blouse and start licking inbetween your breast

You arch your back as I unbutton your pants and slide my fingers in you

I kiss you from your neck to breast to stomach to your soak panties

I'll bite them and pull them off with my teeth

Crawl up to your face rubbing my penis on your c**t

You'll reach down and guide it inside of you

I'll grab your tits and lick your n*****s as we crash into eachother like waves

You push me off and put me on my back, you start to stroke me and suck on my dick

I look down and I see your bright eyes 

You stop sucking and crawl to my face with the devil in your eyes

You sit on my dick and let it slide in slowly and you give me a kiss and start you bang on my lap

You scream my name as my eyes roll I grab your beautiful body and bend you over

We f**k like animals

Then I put you on your back again and lift your legs and go as hard as I can

You scream louder and louder till your legs start to shake

I pull out and you fall to your knees and rub my c**k

I tell you im cuming so you told you tits up in a presenting way and open your mouth

Its shoots to your mouth and drips on your chest

You look at me with pleasure and grab my dick and say...








© 2014 Mr.Cardigan

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I see it says explicit content and it's actually well imagined. But i think while writing such things we should leave"explicit words" for readers imagination. Using metaphors is fine. Actually brilliant. Otherwise it's all just porno. But nice imagination there. Good job

Posted 4 Years Ago

it has been a truly long time since my imagination has carried on the poem even after it's done, i can truly say that is how a man and a women should f**k... bravo! can't wait to read more! Be sure to send the next one to my read request! Like damn i wish you had more aha!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

well thank you. this was one of the greatest reviews ive had so again thanks
&hearts; Lexii Boo &hearts;

9 Years Ago

Any time!!!!
well, I must say that this doesn't leave much to the imagination! It evokes feelings of yearning for the same thing. awesome

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

well thank you!!

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Added on May 20, 2014
Last Updated on May 20, 2014
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A Story by Mr.Cardigan

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A Story by Mr.Cardigan