Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by FatalityWriter467


It was a beautiful sunset in the middle of Nebraska on a farm that was rundown and cheap.  But there was a boy named Donald Alloway, otherwise known as Slider, that would put a damper in the atmosphere - a young man who wanted to not only change his destiny but RULE THE WORLD!!  “I am going to go somewhere someday.” the boy explained.  “Mother and father don’t understand, they don’t UNDERSTAND!!!!  They just think I’ll be like them.  My, my, are they wrong.  I’m going to make something of my life I'm going to,” but suddenly a fluffy black cat came bursting through the cornfield, scratching and chomping at his youthful little face, causing a huge crater in his nose that would scar him for life…. “ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AUGHh, AAAA,  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH! yelled young Donald.

          On Monday he went to school to meet up with his gang, Bugs and Deuce.  “Hey there gang, how's it hangin'?” Donald said.

          “Wowsers, Slider what happened to your youthful little face?” questioned Deuce. 

          “Mother pushed me down the stairs again.”

          “Not again, Slider.”

          “Yes, now they don’t need to know the sad truth about the cat that left me for dead.  The last thing I need is for them to think I’m not swell enough to be the leader of the gang,” thought Donald. 

          “Bugs, Deuce, the bell’s about to ring, we better scamper to class.”


As the teacher strolled across the faded wooden floors of the one room, run down school house she started, “Alright class, about yesterday’s biology paper on the history of cats...”

There, as young Donald sat with ears wide open; he couldn’t listen to his teacher at the moment.

“Great Scott,” he thought.  “How will I get away with this scar when mother sees me!  I can’t just fib about how she pushed me down the stairs again.”  Donald then started to listen in and out of the teachers lecture on the behavior of Felis Catus (cat) and relate them to his similar experience.

As young Donald was think-think-thinking to himself, the teacher exclaimed “Cats are territorial creatures, as you might all well know.  If upset, they have the tendency to leap onto one's face, and scratch-scratch-scratch, bite-bite-bite, knaw-knaw-knaw...”

While her list of standard kitten attack behavior continued, Donald thought to himself,“Great Scott, why do we just have to be talking about cats today?  Are there always clouds on my sunshine?  I just... I just have to make it through biology.”

        All of a sudden, the teacher strolled over towards the front of the room right next to Donald.  Even though the teacher’s back was towards him, she was closer and louder than ever.

As she continued, “Claw-claw-claw, rip-rip-rip,” all of a sudden Donald hollered “GREAT SCOTT!  GREAT SCOOOOOOT!”  He just couldn’t take it anymore. “Why the rainy day?”

“Donald,” the teacher started, “do you have something to add?”  Just then, at that very moment she turned her head and for the first time since the fateful accident, saw the once beautiful face, with a giant, monstrosity of a scar on the young man’s nose.

“Oh my God!” She yelled “What happened to your youthful little face?  WHAAT HAPPENED?”  She could hardly believe her scarred eyes.

“By, golly. I can’t believe it. Look at it.  It’s... massive,” Bugs explained as if he had never seen it. “Wow.”

“Bugs!  You’ve seen it before.  Don’t act like that.  Look.  It’s not even that big.  It’s only a quarter inch in diameter.  Bugs?”  Donald watched on as Bugs edged closer.   Bugs said, “I must touch it.”  He held out his finger, edging closer, as everyone started to laugh.

“Bugs... no!” yelled Donald.  “Bugs -,” the laughter was too loud, too loud that a gentleman couldn’t even hear his own voice.  As Bugs got closer, Donald hissed violently at Bugs, causing him to scamper away.


          The young man felt as his face was turning a red from embarrassment.  “They think I am a circus side show, not me, not Donald Alloway.”  With anger and embarrassment he reached up and claw-claw-clawed Bug's face.  Somehow, in the time when he was angered, his nails grew long and sharp.  Bugs went flying into the teacher, spinning the whole way.  Then, with fear after seeing his friend on the ground, he sprang up from his seat, jumping to all fours, and scampered out of the room.   


Later that night Donald went over to Bug’s house.  Bug’s mother opened the door, “Why hello, Slider,” she paused to look at his face. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR YOUTHFUL LITTLE FACE!” She started running inside, took a ninety degree turn and went jumping out of the house’s north side window. 

Bugs came to the door soon after.  “Bugs, I apologize for what happened earlier. I don’t know what sort of ungentlemanly behavior came over me.”

          “It’s okay Slider. I shouldn’t have tried to embarrass you like that in the schoolyard, are we still Dandy?

          “Yes Bugs, we will always be dandy but I do believe I have some sort of new abilities due to this frightening scar.”

© 2012 FatalityWriter467

Author's Note

Comments on repetition are against what the novel is establishing

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"I want this novel to be in a dark hollow where no one will ever have to read it again."
I took the high road for 8 years before deciding to read.... whateverthe hell this is/was (?).. and return your original review to you. Hoping the original review you left for my work, was only a desperate cry for help. If I'm being honest, a preface for some context might have helped this story? Question mark because I'm not entirely sure that's true.
Also my husband would like to review remotely by saying " listening as my wife read this monstrosity to me I could actually feel my IQ dropping by the minute" .... So keep working on it and I'm sure one day it will be dandy!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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