Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Drew

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Chapter 1

My name is Joe Walker and I’m going to tell you the story of my life.  Where should I start?  I guess the best place to start is birth.  I was born in a small suburb outside of Providence, Rhode Island, into a somewhat loving family.  My parents are named Bob and Cindy Walker.  Very average ordinary names.  My father was never seen without his suit on and his hair slicked back.  He wore glasses and always had his briefcase by his side.  One look at him and you could tell he was a lawyer, or maybe an annoying door to door insurance salesman but what’s the difference right?  Either way I didn’t like him so much.  He always bought me what I wanted and minded his own business, for the most part, so I guess I don’t really have much to complain about, but there was just something about him that made me hate his guts.  The way he always came home from work talking about some crook he just saved from getting jail time.  Like he was some sort of hero or something.  I never understood it and still don’t.  He liked getting these crooks out of jail.  Makes no sense to me.  My mother was a typical stay at home mom.  She always was cleaning the house and was riding me when my room wasn’t picked up.  She should go to work as a maid or something.  I swear something is always dirty in this house.  It makes no sense.  She’s always cleaning something and I never understood it.  She has this annoying friend Betty who she’s always on the phone with.  Betty had one of those annoying accents people have who are from Michigan or something.  You know, those people that kind of talk out of the sides of their mouths and stuff.  Maybe that’s not Michigan but I think it is.  It doesn’t really matter.  But anyway I don’t get how my mother can talk on the phone with her all day hearing that annoying voice of hers talking out of the side of her mouth and all.  That would annoy me I think but then again I never really talked to her much.  I have a younger sister named Emily.  She’s about three years younger than me so we’re pretty close.  She looks up to me,me being her older brother and all.  I like that.  When I tell you I would be going nuts in this family if it wasn’t for her I’m being serious.  She’s the only normal person in this whole town.  Seriously.  I don’t get how I can be living in a town where the only normal person is my kid sister.

  I didn’t really do much during the day.  I used to like to climb trees and stuff.  There was this one tree right next to our property in the woods and I used to like to climb that tree in particular.  It was one of those trees where you never got sap on your hands.  I think it was a pine tree but it was different than the others because you never got sap on your hands when you climbed it.  So I used to go out and climb this tree every day and just kind of sit up at the top and look around and stuff.  It was a good view I’m telling you.  I could see pretty far.  So anyway what I would do is I would climb up there with a stick and sort of hit one of the branches and pretend I was building something.  I would just sit up there all day hitting a branch with this stick I climbed up there with and I had fun doing it.  I must have looked like a madman probably but I was having fun building.  It didn’t hurt the tree at all I was just hitting it with another branch, so nothing got hurt.  But then see what happened is my crazy neighbor came out there one day and yelled at me for hitting the tree with the stick that I used to climb up there with.  Then guess what he did.  I’ll tell you what he did.  I walk to that same tree the next day, that pine tree where you never get sap on your hands when you climb it, and guess what that crazy neighbor of mine did.  He cut off all the branches near the bottom.  Seriously.  Must have been at least ten thick branches near the bottom of the tree all cut off so that I couldn’t climb it anymore.  It makes no sense.  That crazy neighbor of mine who yelled at me for hitting the tree with a stick and hurting it goes and cuts off all its branches.  I don’t get it.  I tell you not one normal person in this town other than my kid sister.  Seriously, not one.

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Author's Note

OK. I wrote this last year so I thought I may as well put it up. Anyway I'm not a reader, one of the only books I've read is the Catcher in the Rye so I wrote this in basically the exact same way. I know there's a lot of repetition it'll hopefully make sense at the end of the book why but I know this needs to be cleaned up a lot. Anyways tell me what you think. Thanks!! And I know this is long so thanks everyone who read my chapter!!

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Curious. Is he named 'Joe Walker' for a reason? Is he meant to be a certain sex-god who currently lives in Chicago? And may have once played a woman in a production? hmmm?

It's really well written though

Posted 11 Years Ago

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