attached to the players wrist

attached to the players wrist

A Poem by h d e rushin

for bearings and objects known and unknown.

The only trouble with my Honduran friends is that they lean forward to strap babies on their backs
to cross the Rio Grand /

The only trouble with my black friends are that their women are too loud.

The only trouble with the Nomads were them carrying large cakes of salt around for trade.

The Detroit Lions never win, although I prayed that they would.

I shot paper wads in the Wallace Stevens section of Poetry 102.

The only trouble with my white friends is that they procrastinate.

The only trouble with my Asian friends are that they shop together.

The only trouble with my Turkish friends is that the men dance in long lines, holding hands.

The only trouble I have with my amputated friends is that they hop everywhere they go.

The only trouble I have with my uglier friends is how they wear their scarves high on their necks.

My fat girl friends have this love for  mini dresses; they are beautiful.

Apes are hunched over people. I have a problem with that.

I'm a hermit, hence I have no reputation. 

No where in the bible does it say that dogs go to heaven, although we know the truth.

Since my crossdressing friends choose mannerisms over function, they trouble me.

Patriotism is too cryptic a pellucid for my right-wing friends to see the light.

The trouble with my Hippie friends are those cut off leather vests.

My proctologist thinks himself a viceroy so he councils me about marriage. 

My dentist takes my blood pressure.

I need a mask to shop for blueberry bushes at Home Depot.

Robins eating insects IN SPRING is creepy, but otherwise i'm cool with it.

Let's face it, the only trouble I have with other poets is my own bullet jealously.

The trouble with middle aged missionary is middle aged nakedness.

The only trouble I have with heights is crashing down hard and hurting.

The only trouble with my Postponing the world

is my hastened, hurried, pell-mell urge to

think that i'm always right.

© 2021 h d e rushin

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Being human, it is easy to find fault with friends, harbor judgments that are different from our views and ideologies, it doesn't mean we love them any less, the phrase "to be human" doesn't really excuse or forgive us but that it means maybe that it is within our nature to do so and still be forgiven our own many imperfections? I love every line. Every day your writing amazes me. I wonder if you know I download and hoard my favorite poems from my favorite poets? I save them for when I have a printer one day like the proverbial appocolspe when there is nothing left of the internet they can no longer disappear in a poof of smoke, it maybe I am one day out in the woods hiding from insurgents with nothing to eat and nothing to read or with no leaves but pine needles to wipe my arse with, but I can guarantee those in my cupboard will survive all. :D (this one will be one of them)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

h d e rushin

3 Weeks Ago

Dearest: Lately i've been watching those YOUTUBE videos of bushcraft survival where, without food or.. read more
I read this and I feel "my own bullet jealousy"

and there are several dogs I really would like to see in heaven...I miss them here on earth.
The only trouble is...I am procrastinating leaving this earth...I must be a white friend.

I shot paper wads in history Father Emmanuel who was teaching it...
I will surely go to hell for that escapade.
what a cool poem this is.
but I have never read anything but high quality work from you, dana.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

h d e rushin

3 Weeks Ago

you had me laughing this morning brother and I sure needed a good laugh. Thank you my friend....dana
Hello, dana! :)
I really enjoyed this poem. All the labels we that put on ourselves and each other cause trouble. The need to be right, the illusion of perfection; they are silly in this evolving world. If the dolphins get some players who can catch the ball, I'll be routing for them. Haha

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

h d e rushin

3 Weeks Ago

We always find in someone else something that we dislike. It is mutinous and unmanageable this contr.. read more

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h d e rushin
h d e rushin

detroit, MI

black american poet living in detroit. more..

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A Poem by h d e rushin