Dream - "Don't Be A Liar"

Dream - "Don't Be A Liar"

A Story by dw817

I sighed, "If anyone speaks of this. Their tongue will atrophy as you have seen. If anyone writes down or types what happened here - their fingers - will atrophy and fall off.



   D R E A M   

DREAM - Don't Be A Liar

One very busy and detailed dream I had a few days ago

© January 2023 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

I was staying at Dad's house for the weekend when I received a call on the telephone.
It was Saturday and at night. Apparently I needed to sign some papers back at the college I was going to. So I stepped outside, the stars were shining - and the road was filled with military people and vehicles all walking in procession !

There was loud drums and music too, really hard on the ears and making it difficult to hear anything else.

I watched for a moment when I realized some of the soldiers there were firing off their guns in random directions. They shouldn't be doing that.

Suddenly I saw someone point their gun right at me. Then he shook his head and yelled, "Hey, you ! Fatso ! Get out of the way !"

I looked. In this dream I was in my teenage years and for some strange reason I had an uncharacteristically fat belly. I sighed and stepped back. He then shot where I was standing and despite aiming straight for the next-door neighbor's mailbox behind me - he somehow missed, or it appeared that way.

I was about to say something when I heard a PA speaker yell, "Stop !" Clearly the captain. But then the voice fizzled out like the speaker gave out or something.

He looked back and yelled, "Stop what ?"

There was only the sound of other soldiers target shooting other items as they proceeded down the road - not even checking to see if their bullets hit.

He looked back to me and grinned, "I guess that means we can keep shooting stuff !"

He joined the others and started shooting things on the other side of the street.

"Hey cutie !" I heard a young woman's voice speak now.

I turned and there was this absolutely beautiful teenage girl, clearly of Orient descent in a military outfit, a private.

"Wow." I said without being able to say anything else.

She smiled shyly, "Yeah. Hey look, I need place sleep tonight, okay ?"

I shrugged, "There should be some hotels nearby."

She moved closer and I smelled - cinnamon ?

"No do. I choose you. Okay ? You got place ?"

I shook my head, "That's - nice. No, I need to get to school. It's important."

She looked shocked, "School ? It night. It Saturday, silly ! What so important ?"

I mumbled, "Some kind of papers. I'll return back later."

She bit her lip and looked behind her in fear for a second. Was she running from something or someone ?

She faced me again, "No. You do school tomorrow. I need place tonight. Where you home ?"

"I'm staying with my Dad for the weekend." and pointed behind me.

"There ?" she said. My Dad had a very nice 6-bedroom home that had a large backyard too.

"Yes ! That do nice. Lovely. Look." and she stepped even closer until I could feel her body warmth against mine.

I shrugged, not really sure what to make out of her.

She continued, "Look. I make it worth while. Okay ? You sleepy right now ? I bet you be. I sleep with you. Make you body happy. Make you noodles."

I looked at her a second and spoke, "With piquin peppers."

She looked genuinely shocked now, "I just going say that ! Yeah, Hahaoya, my Mom, like make it. You got Ramen noodle ? I make big bunch tasty noodle with piquin pepper you. Alright ? Huh ? Then sleep. Keep each body warm. You - "

She then put her hand on my chest, "You no do nothing. This my favor. I take care you all night - you feel good all night - as pay. That good for you ?"

I shuddered under all of this attention. I remembered what she said earlier, "Cutie ?"

She smiled, "Yeah. You cute."

Now in this dream for some reason I had the memory of never lying, ever. Not even as a boy. I knew this and it was an advantage and somehow I could tell if other people were lying to me, even in a small way. I did not sense that from her.

"You're telling me the truth." I said finally.

She grinned, "Yeah I do. You remind me of fat uncle Bentos. He love my noodle."

I looked at her. "You sleep with him too ?"

She shook her head and then I saw just how pretty her short cut black hair was. "No. He cute but too old for me. I sleep with you though. Okay ? You my age nice, right ? We go now make happy."

I followed her up to my front door. I heard someone call back, "Hey, private ! Get back in line !"

"Hurry, please !" she said insistent.

I fumbled with the lock and opened the door. She burst inside and spoke at the immaculate cleanliness of the place, "Oh wow. You Dad rich huh ? Big bucks ?"

I blushed a little, "Yeah. He does fine." I locked the door noticing two other soldiers tried to get in. They tapped their guns on the door for a second. Then tried to look in the windows.

Now in dreams when undesirable people are trying to get in Dad's house - which I've had many of - I have to close all the doors and windows. There are 4-doors into Dad's house and a bunch of windows. Now at the time I knew Dad was asleep in his bedroom - he told me not to disturb him - but I also knew he was a pretty heavy sleeper. It would take a bit to waken him.

Everywhere I went soldiers were trying to get in ! Testing windows, doors, everything. Finally I had all the shutters down, doors locked, and curtains drawn.

She came up and kissed me and then my mouth burned of cinnamon, clearly her lipgloss. "We bedtime now boy - we make noodle tomorrow - okay ?"

"So - what's your name ?" I asked her.

"Umeya." she said. Once again she wasn't lying. It was surprising for me to find a girl this quick and a truthful one too. I was about to say something when I heard a noise in the kitchen.

A bunch of soldiers pilied in of different ranks. All of them had pistols, hand-grenades and other weapons of devastation. One tall old man entered and looked at me.

"You there. Is this your house ?"

"Get out." I said flatly to the clear intruders.

"I beg your pardon, son. Do you realize who you are talking to ?"


He narrowed his eyes, not expecting that. "Well alright smart guy, so you know my rank. So you know what I can do. And right now I'm commandeering this house for the night for my troops and me."

I shook my head, "You can only do that if we are under martial law, sir."

He looked to me and his eyes got fierce, "Son, we are at war with - "

I interrupted him. "You are lying !"

Now his whole face got stern, "Look son - "

I interrupted him again, "I can know when people are lying to me."

He huffed angrily before speaking. "Then you must - "

"You're lying !"

He tried again, "Then you must - "

"Now you're telling the truth."

He looked shocked, "But I - I didn't even finish !"

"I know your thoughts."

Umeya was impressed, "Magic man, I like you !"

I looked back to her and smiled.

A soldier stepped up, "Sir. Let me shoot this civilian ! He's standing in our path and we have the right of way ! Our troops are tired, there's more than enough room here in this house - we - "

"You can't stay here." I said flatly.

He looked at me and squinted his eyes nastily, "Yeah, and what about that AWOL behind you, that dirty bi - "

I interrupted again, "Don't say that word - or your tongue will atrophy !"

And I said it with a strange deep voice that surprised everyone there, especially Umeya.

"Yeah, listen to him !" she finally said in the silence that followed.

"You're not going to leave ?" I asked, my voice returning to normal.

The captain smiled, "Looks that way. And I see a court-martial is in order for you, Private Umeya." He held a hand out. "Come to me, girl. Maybe you can make it up to me in the night."

"No." she said sounding very upset. Had he abused her in the past ?

* * *

Then the dream changed. I waved my hand in the air and a gray cold mist came out of it.

"Whoo !" Umeya said, impressed.

The captain grinned, "So you are an amateur magician. We are not impressed by your parlor tricks, boy."

I spoke in the deep voice again, "You have all been inflicted with the ghost fever."

As I spoke everyone except Umeya and myself took on an unearthly light. Not overwhelming but enough so others could see it.

"What does that mean, son ?" The captain asked quietly.

I continued in the dark voice, "It means you have one hour to get 10-miles of here. If not, you will fall to the center of the Earth."

The other soldiers laughed but when they did their voices had a strange echo to it. They immediately started talking amongst themselves in fear.

"Shut up !" The captain said, aware his own voice had a bit of an echo now.

He pulled his own gun out and pointed it to me, "You - stop - whatever this is you are doing - or so help me son, by the heavens I'll shoot you dead I will ! And damn the consequences !"

I nodded somberly and spoke in my normal voice, "It's too late for that. The image is cast."

He stepped closer until the barrel of his gun was touching the very front of my forehead. Despite this he spoke in fear, "Please explain that."

I explained, "It means right now you cannot touch anything around you, you can walk through doors if they were intended to be opened. No-one can see or hear you except yourselves, Umeya, and me. You can only touch those and those items you carry that are also afflicted with the fever. Anything not affected cannot be moved or shifted or - shot, including me."

"Then you won't mind if I try !" Not waiting for a further explanation, the captain fired point blank into my forehead. But it only clicked - and as expected, there was no affect.

I tilted my head and smiled slightly as if to say, 'I told you so.'

The captain dropped his gun in fear and his eyes grew wide. He looked to me with new respect. "You - you have my attention, please continue. You were saying something about a fever."

"As I said you are all inflicted with the ghost fever. After 30-minutes you will no longer be able to hear or see each other. 15-20 minutes after that you will be unable to walk. 5-more minutes and you will start to fall towards the center of the Earth."

"This is sh!t !" one of the soldiers said and without permission, pulled out a hand-grenade and threw it at me.

They waited. And waited. And it never did explode. He finally, sheepishly, picked it back up to examine.

"You've condemned us to death !" The captain said and tried to reach for me but his hand went right through ! He looked to his hands in frustration, his last bit of resolve drying up. He did pick back up his gun again and holstered it.

I spoke, "No, you will not die. You have an hour - well, 55 minutes to get 10-miles away from this spot. When you do the fever will leave you - and you will all live."

The captain smiled wickedly, "At which point we'll just send a surface-to-air missile to bomb your house with you and your Father in it. We can't have witches living in our states - how do you like that !?"

I shook my head, "No, there is a protection here that I instated years ago. Any weapons of destruction will not function within 10-miles of this location. That has always been the case. Even before you got here. Your guns would not fire. You are wasting time. You should go - now."

Umeya couldn't contain herself, "Goddamm magic man ! I marry you, okay ? We fnck ! Make many magic babies - they all girls, that good for you ?"

I almost laughed at her crazy enthusiam. She was going to be a handful.

The captain tested his gun, pointing it at the ceiling. It clicked but no bullets fired. He checked to make sure it still had ammo. It did. All the other soldiers checked their guns, pulled pins on hand-grenades, everything. Nothing worked. One soldier grabbed at a pretty vase in the kitchen, well, tried to, to throw it on the ground in his rage.

When the others saw what he was doing they tried to help. But it was rooted to the spot and immovable as heavy cemented concrete in their ghost state. Without waiting for the captain's orders - half the soldiers fled in fear out the back door shouting in terror as their ghostly bodies passed through the closed door in their haste to get away from this blessed area.

I then noticed it was only the captain and some higher up soldiers stayed behind. They didn't speak. They were respectful of the captain. All except one. A woman. Also strikingly beautiful.

She threw off her helmet revealing florid and wild red hair. She thrust herself in front of me kneeling, "Kind sir. I would also like to leave this group. Please - take me with you ! Remove the curse, I want to live !"

"Jesus ! Corporal Janine !" The captain said, disgusted with her behavior, but she ignored him.

"No." I stated flatly.

She stood in an instant, "What ? Why ! You're going to bed with this - this - B***H !"

The moment she said the B word her tongue suddenly fell out of her mouth and wiggled on the ground in a bloody mess. She faced me with tears in her eyes, speechless.

"No profanity against my friends." I stated simply. It was not something I cast now but had enabled years ago.

She reached down to pick up her still wiggling tongue and then ran out the back door.

The captain was not done with me yet though. He smiled widely and laughed, "Well now, son. It seems that you are smarter than us all, isn't that right ?"

I sensed treachery. Clearly he wanted me to lie and agree with him and lose all my powers. But I immediately saw through this.

"No." I stated flatly.

He feigned ignorance, "What ? You're saying one of us is smarter than you ? With what you've shown us ? That just can't be ! Come on now. Admit it. You're obviously more clever. Just agree to that and we'll all leave you alone with Umeya without another word."

"No." I repeated.

The captain seeing he couldn't trick me into lying or even exaggerating grit his teeth and sighed speaking in a voice he seldom used. One of stark pleading, "It's not right son. It's - not right for you to have this kind of power. Can't you see that ? Can you at least tell me how you did this ?"

"You need to go." I pointed to the door behind them.

He continued, "No, goddamitt, I want to know how you did this !"

"I don't lie." I told him.

He shook his head, "I'm not understanding."

"I have never lied, ever. When I turned 18, a spirit, angel, what have you, came to me and told me that I will receive a blessing for being so pure and honest. So long as I never told a lie, not ever again - I would be granted this power and keep it the rest of my life - provided - I never lied. But I could do anything else I wanted with my life."

I looked to the captain who was taking in every word, "If you check your history books, you will find someone else could do this."

He spat angrily, "Jesus ! Who could you possibly mean !?"

"Exactly." I said as the answer.

He understood then. As he was walking out the back door he turned for one last parting shot. "I will tell you now, boy. Once this ghost fever has left us, I will be telling others about you. I will write this down in our military journals. You will not be forgotten !

He continued, "Scientists will take you and experiment on you and examine every stone of this cursed area. Some how some way we are going to get back to you - I promise you that !"

I sighed, "Nossir. You are not. For if anyone speaks of this. Their tongue will atrophy as you have seen. If anyone writes down or types what happened here - that which caused them to do so - their fingers - will atrophy and fall off."

I pointed all around me now, "This is all encompassing throughout all the days of their lives. Those here - and those within this 10-mile radius. It has been this way for many years now. The influence of this is impregnable."

I continued, "You shall not speak or write or relay of what you have seen here. In fact it would be best if it were completely forgotten - for all of your sakes."

The captain met me with wider eyes, anger and frustration, for such a simple boy to have such an incredible power. "It's not right. It's just not right ..." he mumbled as he and the rest of the soldiers left, eager to be rid of this place.

After they had all left, Umeya was beside herself with relief, "Whew ! Boy ! You something else ! Come on. Me make noodle for you - then we wake naru chichi, your Dad. Then we marry - we have fun time always !"

"Okay." I stated, liking the way that sounded, realizing I may never meet another girl again, certainly not one so honest.

And that was important to me, her honesty. Certainly with the vow I made earlier to the spirit or angel it was a requirement.

Then she went into the kitchen and made me noodles as she promised - putting in just the right amount of piquin peppers. And it was of course, delicious.

About that time I woke up. I checked the clock to see that I had been sleeping DEEP now for 6 hours nonstop which is rare as is usual for me to wake up every 1-2 hours every night.

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