The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

A Poem by Amorette Duvannes

This is a poem depicting the social ideology behind adolescence. Each stanza pertains a different defect of youth; physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

This is the time of day
The murmurs of weathered morning light
Water-balloon, denounce themselves
Onto the mountain range,
Acne soldiered skin

Pink chin, epileptic, 
White foam rush. The ding-dong
Of +1, a resounding echo, knee-jerk
Reflex, intuition burrows like a mole
To rush the electric push, a modern pulse.

I-I-I shudder and break, a static mistake
The Adam's apple does the most humanity
Considerable, kills the talk,
The little tuppence I give for you
Gardened like a weather-seed.

The hasty pages knotted like a daisy chain
The big, blank forehead that is wrinkled
Like a sore throat, and we weep, weep, weep
For the little sleep, the anxious natter 
That distils our cloudy grey;

The sullen gay, in a sharp, damp space
Elbows, knifing the knitted sweat of
Coat-hangers, a fragment of the Truth
A hoarse spectator of what is coming to get you,
A black-and-white man frozen in your lungs.

If you are lucky, you will have two
And sit on the chalk line, get up,
Bum wadded pastel, just to see the interlock,
The forbidden clock, ticking like an arrest 
In their singing, silly chest, a brilliant bash

The shrill, cheap shriek of the flying beast
In the sky, will live in the place waste is shat
Through pipe-organ-tubes; to fill the sharp, hollow
Famine of living in the mountains -- a warm, yellow incense
For the days, the haze, the living Hell of matter.

© 2014 Amorette Duvannes

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Believe me, it gets better. :)


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 14, 2014
Last Updated on February 14, 2014
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Amorette Duvannes
Amorette Duvannes

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