Danny Rose: A Fiction All Too Real

Danny Rose: A Fiction All Too Real

A Poem by Eddie Phillips

We must admonish the wrong being done in the name of justice. Innocents are dying.


Police shot that young brother Danny Rose while he was layin' in his bed.
They rolled in without a warrant and now an innocent brother is dead.
They claimed they were looking for that drug-dealer Oscar that lives on the next block.
The officers busted down Mama Rose's front door; Nobody heard them knock.
It didn't matter that all the neighbors were screaming, "You got the wrong house!"
The cops just ran in with guns, while Mama Rose screamed, "Get Out!"
One cop held Mama Rose down as others ran up to Danny's room upstairs.
Poor Danny was fast asleep. You know he's been working the late shift for over a year.

The cops startled poor Danny when they came through his bedroom door.
Danny unconsciously grabbed for his glasses and a cop screamed, "GUN!"
Shots were fired and Danny fell while Mama Rose screamed, "They just killed my son!"
The cops told the media, "Officers saw the suspect reaching for a gun.
We are sure further search of the scene will eventually find one!"
Danny Rose was killed in his home. No gun was found and he had never committed a crime.
Some of the cops that killed Danny were fired, but they never did any jail time.

The story speaks of a parental and cultural pain that no one should ever feel.
Danny's story is fiction but unfortunately, the example is very real.
We live in a country setting a precedent for "Black Home Executions."
Crowds of people scream for justice but the families never receive any resolution.
Danny is fiction but Brianna Taylor and Botham Jean are examples of painful facts:
Cops are willfully violating our domestic rights and continuing to kill innocent Blacks.
We must ALL come together to protect our families from this wanton abuse.
Let us not let this fictional story of Danny Rose become an acceptable murderous truth.

© Eddie K Phillips

© 2023 Eddie Phillips

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My goodness, your poem is all too real and powerful.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Georgia, Florida and Texas. Deadly place for brown skin and the poor people Eddie. Last month. Beat a young man to death and his body was left to the bugs in Georgia. Us, who live in the USA. We need to vote the hateful men out in the next election. Your poem is more nonfiction than fiction. Time for us to gather like in the days of Martin Luther Jr. stand as one for no racism and hate. Powerful and needed words shared my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 13, 2023
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Eddie Phillips

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