Flaws in Film

Flaws in Film

A Poem by mess of gorgeous chaos

I have an obsession with flaws.

It’s strange to see what 

complete opposite 

ends of the spectrum 

we stand relevant 

to this statement though.

I am the auto-tuned movie track 

You're the acoustic.

With myself 

my obsession with flaws means 

they’re always on my mind, 

and I'm at all times thinking 

about what I'm doing 

to make sure that I am presenting 

only my highlight reel. 

But with you, 

I see your intro to ending to bloopers and behind the scenes

and although 

there are faults woven 

throughout every scene, 

they just make you all the more lovely. 

How is it possible to love 

every bit of imperfections in the person 

you chose to get to know the best, 

but with the person you know 

inside and out without trying, 

every imperfection sticks you more

into a spiderweb of hatred?

I have an obsession with flaws.

© 2014 mess of gorgeous chaos

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Added on December 4, 2013
Last Updated on January 2, 2014
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mess of gorgeous chaos
mess of gorgeous chaos

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