A Poem by EmeraldFacet


Plans made are often altered
Some intended while others faltered
The future is known to be uncertain
Is it gain or loss that awaits behind the curtain?
Some see a sun rise while others witness its final set
With each day passing memories made, some hope to remember and others wish to never forget

Death is no less poignant for its frequency
It’s happened in the past
Heart beats silenced abruptly
The pace of nature feels far too fast
Earth brought about change for a reason
Man now charged with the ultimate treason
For taking more than giving
For having more than sharing
For hating more than loving
For neglecting more than caring
Invincible we’ve imagined ourselves to be
Now there is no where for the frail nor the mighty to attempt to flee

The future lives far out in the distance
Hopes and fears, now, in coexistence
Past,present, future simultaneously reside
Man still foolish at attempting to divide
Irrefutably souls are connected to one another
Simply because they all belong to the same mother

Tomorrow is unscathed Safe from all the gory
Magnanimous in her isolation
Daydreamers wonder, will their heart be part of her story?

© 2020 EmeraldFacet

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Added on May 18, 2020
Last Updated on May 18, 2020



I believe that embers of the past have just enough potential to start a fire in our soul, enableing each one of us to, not become great for ourselves, but rather to do something great for someone else.. more..