Touching Me

Touching Me

A Poem by Emma Marie Taylor

I know this poem might not make much sense, but this is a poem i wrote after a very scary moment a dream I had of a friend who has always loved me, and now i cant look at them without feeling sick....

I wake up screaming
Tears stream down my face
I've been dreaming
Of a terrible, haunting place
He was my friend, I knew he loved me
But I didn't love him
No matter what I said, he couldn't see
I'm letting our friendship dim
He touched me thinking I wanted it.
Why would I want it though?
I told him no, he threw a fit
He had to make it a big show

Touching me was not what I wanted
Ruining me was not how I wanted to live
I can't look at him
Without the tingles of fear running down my skin
I can't think of him
Without feeling sick
I can't think of his love for me
Without wanting to kill myself.
He ruined me
He tells me I ruin him by making him watch me love other people
I used to feel bad
but now i dont care
I never loved him
He knew that
I have the right to love who i want
Without having him judge me
This is my life
Quit haunting my dreams
I cant breathe
I need you out of my life
I'm sorry, dear friend, we had a good run
But this friendship is done
Dont talk to me
Dont whisper my name
Dont ask me to see
but most importantly
Enter my dreams
because we both know you are capable, of the evil I see.

© 2012 Emma Marie Taylor

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Good! Seems as though this friend has something lurking just below the surface, and you are the only one that is able to see that evil, yet no one believes you when you tell them.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 25, 2012
Last Updated on September 26, 2012
Tags: love, stalker, poem, leave, alone, scary, weird, dream, nightmare


Emma Marie Taylor
Emma Marie Taylor

Muncie, IN

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