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The Tale of Two Seasons

The Tale of Two Seasons

A Poem by Emma Marie Taylor

They lacked all the things that the other one had 
But loved each other for the good and the bad 
Their love was two seasons that were different, it appeared 
Two of the four that we live in a year 

He was a sunshine 
that burned hot and bright 

and she was a dreamer
that never saw night 

the boy spoke of storm clouds
and beamed rays of sun

like the kind children play in,
 smile, and run

the girl talked like summer 
but lived in the rain 

she moved like a warm breeze 
and concealed her own pain 

she was his moon in their solar eclipse 
he was her sun in her mental abyss 

Her gray skies were managed 
kept in the clouds 

but sometimes the drizzle
 would turn into hail  
and killed all his sunshine
 so sadness prevailed 

But he wasn't much different, he boiled inside 
his heat was scorching, steaming, and dried 

and sometimes his flame
 would ignite from within 
Breaking his smiles 
and burning her skin

but despite their differences 
they both could agree 

that he was a drought
that needed a storm 


she was a wet winter
that needed some warmth 

they held on to each other 
through good times and bad 

she loved him more than winter, I swear it, she did
he loved her more than fall, I promise, he did  

and time went on, changed and moved 
but he was still a sun that needed a moon 
and she was still  winter, that needed a drought 
They were different and argued 
but it was love
 no doubt  

This is the tale of summer and spring 
they sometimes quarreled, sometimes fought
they didn't understand what the other one got 
but what the other one didn't have the other could bring 
because their love for each other 
was a sure thing 

© 2014 Emma Marie Taylor

Author's Note

Emma Marie Taylor
Favorite line? Tell me what you think! It always makes my day to get a comment and review! Thanks for reading!

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I really appreciated this love poem. It was very sweet Thanks for sharing

Posted 7 Years Ago

It was a very nice poem. I really enjoyed it thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on August 30, 2014
Last Updated on August 30, 2014
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Emma Marie Taylor
Emma Marie Taylor

Muncie, IN

I am fifteen years old. I am a sophomore in high school, and writing is my passion. I love poetry, books, novellas, short stories, limericks, lyrics, stories, journals, blogs, chapters, etc. I lov.. more..