Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours

A Poem by Emma Marie Taylor

I'm considering writing a new book and the main character writes many letters to a girl who isnt like anyone, anyone has ever seen. Please tell me if you like this and if I should continue on?


Dear Kaleidoscope Girl, 
    I saw you today. I saw you, and I have some things I need to rant to you about, because frankly, I don't understand you. I don't understand any of this. 

I don't understand how you can change as quickly as you do. You let people in, and then you lock them out, and then you make them wonder where you are. You shouldn't be so intoxicating, because you are too crazy and wild to keep. You shouldn't be so mysterious, because you are too honest and blunt for secrets. 

But you are. 

And you shouldn't have just one name, you should have a thousand. Because you are not one person, one thing, but a million, and all of them collide and blur together. 

And you shouldn't be so weird, because people are staring. People stare at someone like you, especially with your stringy, fluorescent pink hair pulled up and twisted together with No. 2 pencils, wearing denim overalls under the ugliest ballerina tutu the world has ever seen, and your sloppily painted nails, the color of rotten pumpkin are blinding to the people around you.

 Every moment your outfits are changing, your words are switching, your thoughts are twisting. Every second I think I have you figured change, and become someone else. 

And you tell people everything without telling them a single detail. And you tell the truth while lying through your teeth. 
And you are a thousand things but at the same time only one. 

You are a kaleidoscope. 
And you are a constantly changing pattern and sequence of objects and elements, that can only be seen through the tiniest lens, revealing only one and at the same time, a thousand parts of yourself.  And you can never care what anyone thinks because you are too busy constantly alternating, moving, pulsing. And they will never notice because they are too busy noticing the outside, the strangeness, the weird.

And you will never be completely understood or completely seen because you are a kaleidoscope, and the next time someone finally stops and looks inside the lens, everything will be different. 

 And I saw that today. I finally saw through the lens. I saw the girl with the crazy outfits, wild hair, and the obnoxious rotten pumpkin painted nails. And they never noticed, but I finally have. 

I saw her, and it was beautiful. 

                                        the boy who saw you

© 2014 Emma Marie Taylor

Author's Note

Emma Marie Taylor
Favorite line? How does this make you feel? Comment and review? All comments and reviews mean so much to me, I'd love to hear your input! Thanks for reading!

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Added on August 19, 2014
Last Updated on August 26, 2014
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Emma Marie Taylor
Emma Marie Taylor

Muncie, IN

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