Brown Eyes & Bloody Snow [Copaface]

Brown Eyes & Bloody Snow [Copaface]

A Poem by Emunah June.

A writers block write. Legit just about how my day went. XD


"I can't write anything. I don't have any inspiration."


A voice in which I have done wrong responds



                 Ever so preciously uncertain



"Start with a poem.

Something small, y'know? 

Something about winter.

People like that sort of thing.

You can even add a twist on it!

Bloody snow, how about that?"



A passionate reply

Yet I can't wrap my mind around it


                  A thought out answer of upmost intelligence



"I tried that.

I'm just broken today."



Sometimes my own voice forgets who I am

       And away she goes, off to do other things far more important


So I position myself among the Fire Hive

Smelling lemons and mischeif

        Headphones in

             And here he is, a red hot devil with bright brown eyes




Oh my God, he's got brown eyes!
Michaela, can you believe it??

Brown eyes! How sexy!

I always thought they were black.

Brown is sooooo much better~"



Caressing the edges of my skin

        Velvet lips, down to my hips and back to my eyes

                 And back to the tablet pen between my fingers


Twisted and turned

A copaface skinned against broken concrete

        Lightbulbs acting as microphones

              Singing psuedo, singing into the happy technology

                    That originally gave it life, made it happy in itself



That night

Just before bed

     I tap against the letters and talk to Kay

           My words both made of zeros and ones

                     (How truly original...)



"Kay! Kay! You'll never guess!

I found out he has BROWN eyes!


Heh, who knew?

I thought they were black."




An irritated response




No one really has black eyes."




© 2012 Emunah June.

Author's Note

Emunah June.
A total writers block write.

Pretty much summing up my day from a few days ago. xD Trying to make that poetic is...hard to say the least.

So here's some notes about my day...feel free to read them and see if you can find them in the poem!

1) Texted mi mejor amiga, told her I had no inspiration to write. Basically she told me t try poetry, something twisted even.

2) Practiced writing lemons and Christmas stories, listening to Knife Party's song "Fire Hive" feat. Krewella.

3) Discovered Sonny Moore has brown eyes.

4) Fangirled over the fact that Sonny Moore has brown eyes.

5) Fangirled to Michaela about the fact that Sonny Moore has brown eyes.

6) Listened to deadmau5's song "Attention Wh*re" while starting at a picture of Sonny Moore singing into/attempting to eat a lightbulb.

7) Listened to deadmau5's song "The Veldt" feat. Chris James.

8) Sang "The Veldt" as loudly as I could..."LOOK WHAT THEY MADE, THEY MADE IT FOR MEEEE, HAPPY TECHNOLOGY!!!"

9) Felt like a bau5

10) Got embarassed like a bau5

11) No longer felt like a bau5

12) Went on Skype

13) Saw that Kay was online, decided to fangirl to her about Sonny Moore's brown eyes

14) Kay crushes my dreams

15) Go to bed.

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XD lol! Wow, that was really good. You used writer's block for a poem, it was legit I was dying at the end. That was great Koda :3

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Lol thanks Daniel xDD

11 Years Ago

Welcome :3
The best inspirations are the laments of our past as i see it Pain creates the best poetry not love

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Thank you very Mr. Morgan. I appreciate it.
XD very creative way to tell your day, I have never read anything like this.
Well done! ^^

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Yay I'm original! :'D

(but very late on posting reviews omggggg)

11 Years Ago

xD It's cool.
Yay my quote was in there

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Of course it was! It was the base of the whole poem :3
I enjoyed this. The excitement of the piece made it even more exciting. You did a great job. Hehe writersblock sucks. This piece was also random. Thank you for sharing. C:

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Thanks Angie :3
This was an epic poem of awesomeness (not an epic poem like when referring to The Odyssey but that's something utterly different really) I really liked this poem mainly because it hooks you in with it's almost anticipating closed window of, 'This is really epic but how can I open the window to find out where this is going to go.' But at the same time you just kind of want to jump through the glass to an exciting ending. So to sum up that random ramble of glass windows and randomness, it was really amazing. (I also love that I am mentioned xD

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Of course I mentioned you, it's not a party without Michaela!

11 Years Ago

Exactly, lol! But it's also not a party until I start to ramble about nonsense and then try to make .. read more
Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Of couuurseee
Lovely piece. I quite liked the back and forths that were going on throughout. You word everything so wonderfully and it flows well. Nicely done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emunah June.

11 Years Ago

Thank you :'3

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Emunah June.
Emunah June.

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