The Brain that Willfully, but Accidentally, Shut Down

The Brain that Willfully, but Accidentally, Shut Down

A Story by humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

a brain that willfully but accidentally shuts down, you know?


In the fourth grade...


Young girl Edeline was in her fourth grade classroom. Everyone was quietly working on thier daily worksheets including she. Edeline was a bright little girl. Very attentive to her work. Really cared about her grades. Really cared about impressing the teacher. An over-achiever. She always tried to do her best in everything that was assigned to her in life. This particular morning was different though.


Edeline was always a hypersensitive being. Maybe it was because she was the first-born. She was almost always nervous and very shy. She always wanted to fit in but never really seemed to. She never really seemed to say the right things and she was a sweater. Her hands were always damp. While Edeline was trying to work on her daily worksheet, she found herself not being able to concentrate. She looked around the classroom. Someone next to her was tapping a pencil. One student crumbled a piece of paper. Another was chewing a piece of gum. She could hear the clock's hands click. tic-toc, tic-toc. All the noises in the quiet classroom were being dramatically independisizing in her mind. To where she could hear them all, one by one, in her head, on her own time. Separated. They would repeat themselves even after they had already been played in real time. In Edeline's head they played on and on. All the noises, faster and faster, then louder and louder. Edeline's hands began to prespire, more than the usual. She could feel her pencil began to slip out of her fingers due to the sweat. Her heartbeat soon accompanied the wave of noises she was hearing. And so did the sound of her shaking leg. Her breath started accelerating, and then complicating. She closed her eyes hoping it would stop and her eyes began to water when it didn't. She began to beg to God to make it stop and in return felt the presence of many individuals. These individuals would control the speed and volume of the noises. These individuals were no good. They taunted her. Laughed at her. She couldn't take it anymore. She walked her shaken body to her teacher's desk and asked if she could go to the nurse. Told her she didn't feel well. Ms. Brooks agreed that she didn't look well and assigned her a nurse pass.

© 2010 humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

Author's Note

more coming very soon.

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Well, this more that's coming soon - is it here yet? Because you've hooked me, like a bass on a lake. Good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 28, 2010
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Hello =] My name is Evelyn. I'm nineteen. I write when I'm feeling a strong emotion. Actually mostly when I'm mad or not feeling myself. I'd rather be a bucket of sunshine then a raincloud and truly .. more..


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