A Poem by ewest1220

"It has begun..."



By: Ethan West

It has begun

Haven’t you heard?

Attack!  Attack!

They’ll hear your words

It’s raging fire

Haven’t you seen?

Attack! Attack!

They see your gleam

It’s all for naught

The stench of fail

Attack! Attack!

They’re on the rails

You have it now

The taste of joy

Attack!  Attack!

You’re but a toy

The fire burns

Haven’t you felt

Attack Attack!

Below the belt

The fire’s gone

Haven’t you thought

Attack!  Attack!

You’re left to rot

The light is gone

Haven’t you cried

Attack!  Attack!

You’re left to die

It’s time to chose

Haven’t you done

Attack!  Attack!

You have but one

You’ve chosen thus

And now you see

Attack!  Attack!

In misery

Enjoy the rush

Enjoy the pain

Attack!  Attack!

Till none remain

And in the fire

Dark and cold

Attack!  Attack!

Until you’re old

And in that fire

That you begin

Attack… Attack...

Until you win

© 2015 ewest1220

Author's Note

Felt a bit motivational today, or did I? Hope you enjoy ^_^

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Nice work, I like the dark but still motivating touch of this poem!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Yes!! Motivational indeed.

I absolutely loved the repetition of Attack! Attack! I could imagine you saying it with war paint on your face (oops.. sorry did I go too far LOL) :D


Posted 6 Years Ago

What I saw was my nephew with his hands busy pushing buttons trying to defeat the enemy on his game box. Valentine

Posted 6 Years Ago

Uplifting and realistic. Some flee and some attack. In the case of fire, you can extinguish the fire or call the professionals like the fire department. Bravo, sir...:).....

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Life seem to feel this way.
"And in that fire
That you begin
Attack… Attack...
Until you win"
A sad world when we must attack to create movement or change. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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