Fight Alone, Die Alone

Fight Alone, Die Alone

A Story by Megan

*SHORT* Set in a futuristic American city, this is the beginning of a story of theft, love, respect, battles and murder. Written on request of my friend.


The clicking of her heels on the concrete seemed lost in the noise as she walked away from the dark sedan that slowly rolled out of the parking spot and back into traffic, leaving her to walk up to the well lit apartment building, flashing a smile at the doorman as she tucked her coat more tightly around her thin frame. She looked up at digital numbers of the elevator, stepping in to the open doors and pressing the lit up 15, as the doors closed she brushed her straightened dark hair behind her ear, rubbing her lips together as the elevator ascended. The elevator doors opened and she stepped out, walking towards the only door on the floor, knocking softly and brushing her coat smooth against her curvy body. The door opened and she smiled softly at the man that stood in the doorway, his dark suit jacket hanging loosely from his muscular frame. He smiled back at her, his thoughts written clearly on his face. She was prettier than the last few girls that had come up here, and he was grateful. Not that he hadn't had an enjoyable time with those other girls, quite far from the truth. He stepped back, the almost empty bottle of Smirnoff hanging from his fingertips.
"It's lovely to meet you, my name's Derrick." His voice was soft, but with a rumble to it.
"You can call me Jenny.." She said, stepping past him and glancing around the dimly lit apartment. There were a few empty glasses across the table in the dining room, the couch had three pillows strewn across it, and a blanket across the back. The light fell across the hallway from the open bedroom door, and she stepped towards it as Derrick shut the door to the apartment behind her. 
"Can I take your coat?" He asked, putting on the show of being polite, as he had done many times before. The power of money, and the things and respect that it brought him. She slipped out of her coat, her bare shoulders reflecting the soft light as she handed the black jacket to him. She was wearing a short black dress that hugged her upper arms, and fell halfway down her thighs. Silver straps wrapped around her thin legs, holding her six inch heels to her feet. He caught his breath as she turned around, his eyes falling over her tanned skin and exposed breasts, a smile turning up the side of his mouth. Oh yes, definitely  worth it. Her phone buzzed softly in her purse as she set it down on the table by the door. He stepped closer to her, putting the bottle of alcohol down on the table, pressing his hands against her hips, pulling her towards him, kissing her roughly, his hand coming up and gripping some of her hair while kissing her soft lips. Her hands slipped up under his jacket, pushing it down over his arms. He stepped back, pulling her towards the bedroom, a soft groan escaping his lips as her hands traveled down his body. He turned and pushed her against the soft mattress, nipping the skin on her neck as he pulled at the fabric of her dress.


Sitting in the dark sedan a few blocks away from the apartment, Jake exhaled from his second cigarette, blowing the smoke towards the empty passenger seat, looking at his phone, the almost transparent screen showing the time, 10:47 PM, and no reply to the text he had sent five minutes before. He glanced it over as he clicked on the picture of Megan on his screen. "Don't take too long. And try not to kill this one." He smiled slightly, knowing she would appreciate the joke, and imagining what her response would be. He flicked the cigarette out of his car, counting the seconds as they ticked by. He picked up the pack of cigarettes, counting the remaining smokes in the pack. Seven left. He cursed, putting them back down on the center console. Cigarettes were expensive, the prices of many things had skyrocketed recently, cigarettes and alcohol seeming to haven taken the brunt of the rising prices. The jump in cost made them more difficult to acquire, which made less and less accidents happen in work places, fewer murders and so on, at least that was how the governmental systems viewed it. But they didn't take into account the underground, and exactly how much people were willing to do, just for a single cigarette, for just a drop of liquor. Robberies increased, prostitution also took a spike, as more people did more degrading things every day in order to either get money or the addictions they craved. The underground drug market had also fallen to darker and darker circles, as the governmental systems attempted to crush it while it was small. They had only missed their opportunity a few hundred years back. Drug lords kidnapped, raped and murdered their way back on top, finding more and better covers for themselves, keeping the heat off of them. The lower ones, the crazed addicts that raped women on street corners and broke into million dollar homes, they took the brunt of the fall. 
He looked out the window, watching the traffic slow as more and more people headed home for the night. Home. A strange word, he hadn't felt at home anywhere for a long stretch of time. Always on edge, always watching, never safe. He had the physical ability to be safe, he could protect himself and anyone he chose to, but he never felt comfortable in a place. He and Megan had been in many different places, from the penthouse apartments that she was currently in, to beach houses and cabins in the mountains. It wasn't a bad life he was living, it just wasn't quite what he thought it would be. His phone buzzed against his leg and he looked down, smiling at the message that flashed across the screen. 
"Shut the f**k up, I've only killed one. Christs sake, I'll be out in five minutes, get your a*s over here."
He laughed, starting the engine and looking in the rear view mirror, backing out slowly as he put the sedan in gear. 
"Knew you'd say something like that.." He shook his head, spinning the wheel and returning onto the street, making his way towards the apartment building.


Megan walked around the bedroom, picking up articles of clothing, pausing for a few seconds to send a message and then looking over Derrick's passed out body on the bed, the sheets tangled around his naked form. She smirked slightly, she wouldn't of minded sleeping with him. At least, past the moments when they'd both lost their clothing and she pulled the needle and syringe from the bottom of her heel, slipping the needle into his skin and sending him into a painless sleep for the next six or seven hours. She shook her head, picking up his discarded pants and pulling out his phone, flicking through until she came across the bank records, putting her phone next to his on the table and streaming account numbers and information from his to hers, mentally adding up the numbers, the millions of dollars as she re-dressed herself, pulling her hair back as she pressed a few keys on each phone, the money draining from his account to a small private account, the amount flashing across the screen of her phone. 387.5 million dollars, in the blink of an eye. She smiled, slipping her coat back on, shutting down the information link. She found it almost ridiculous, how everything depended on technology, and how easy it was for her to destroy a persons life with a few keystrokes. She looked towards Derrick one last time, pressing the keys to delete all the information on his phone. Too simple. She buttoned her coat, walking towards the door to the apartment. 
"Thank-you, Derrick." She said, shutting the door behind her, brushing down the knob with her sleeve. Her heels made a metallic clicking sound as she walked into the elevator, heading for the lobby. The doors opened and she walked across the empty lobby, scanning everything quickly as she stepped out into the breezy night, stepping towards Jake's sedan, pulling the door open and climbing into the seat.
"Howdy, miss..looking mighty criminal tonight." He said, greeting her with a smile, his deep voice hinted with the Southern accent he covered most of the time.
"Just a touch criminal, sir." She smiled back as he turned the wheel to return them to the road, driving south towards the hotel they had checked in to earlier that week. He didn't speak for a few moments, just watching the traffic beside and behind them. During the silence she flipped through the information she had stolen, her thin fingers sliding through the files rapidly. 
"Anything worthy of attention?" He asked a few minutes later, glancing over at her. She looked up, at the street ahead of them.
"He owns multiple garages in the city, from the pictures and files...he has many of the most expensive cars, and motorcycles. Might be worth looking into a bit more." 
"Cars..." Jake laughed, pulling into the covered parking garage for their hotel, "You know just what sparks my interest.."
"It's almost like we've known each other for years, isn't it?" She said, locking her phone and slipping it into her bag, putting her hand lightly on the door handle....

-To Be Continued-

© 2012 Megan

Author's Note

This is just the beginning of the story, I've just begun working on it. There isn't really much to request feedback on, but any comments would be appreciated.

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A dark and shocking story. It's scary, having all of your money taken away within the blink of an eye, and you're not even conscious! The ending also seems like something you just have the desire to continue, but you can't because there's nothing more to read! I hope that you can keep this going; it's very interesting.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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