A Story by Megan

What's the toll that beauty can take on you?

Six minutes.  That's all it took for a calm and fun evening to turn into a complete nightmare. When people talk about spirits and ghosts, they always talk about good people who were wrongly killed and haunt people in order to finally rest in peace.  No one ever talks about those a******s who are just fucked up monsters.. probably because no one is ever alive to talk about it...
I put my pencil down,  staring at the paper in front of me, there was still so much left to write.. I wouldn't normally agree to write a story with no real inspiration.. oh, well.. it would be worth it if the story turned out.
I got up after tossing the blankets to the side, pausing the music and laying my phone on my bed, heading to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and turned on the light, looking at myself, my own critical gaze tearing my appearance apart.. why couldn't my hair be better? Why couldn't my skin be flawless? Why, why, why... I smiled at myself, faking happiness for my face as I sat down.
"Ouch!" I gasped out quietly, touching my cheek as a slight sting came across my skin.  As I pulled my fingers away, I noticed the blood across my fingertips. "What the f**k.." I sighed,  standing up to look in the mirror, taking a step backwards as I saw that my face hadn't changed from the sickeningly sweet smile that I had last seen.
"Okay, that's just.. one too many horror movies.." I turned around quickly to open the door, but the knob wouldn't turn. "Are you fuc--" I cried out in pain as blood dripped off my hand onto the tile floor. I looked at my hand, the wide gash across my palm bleeding, my mind spun in horror before I froze as a tapping sound came from behind me. I shook my head and tried the door again, blood dripping down to the floor as my palm burned.
The tapping got louder and I turned around, screaming as I saw myself tapping on the glass of the mirror, a shard of glass held between my fingers, a wicked grin curving up the side of my mouth.
"What the... F**K!" I screamed as my reflection sliced quickly across her face, nothing changing on her face, but my own started streaming blood down my chin. Crying in shock and pain, no backed up against the door, "What are you?!" I screamed, grabbing my arm as more cuts and blood came to the surface,  an agonized scream ripping its way from my throat.
"Stop it! Please! Just stop!!" Sobbing and slipping on the blood, falling on the slick floor as my reflection brushed across her left eye, my own right eye suddenly becoming useless as blood flooded my vision.  Crying more as I covered my eye, screaming as cuts sprung up on my palm and burning spreading across my face,  my skin bubbling up as I smeared blood across the door, trying to grab the handle, slamming my hand across the wood. My legs slid around as I tried to stand up, cuts covering my legs, my hair falling to the floor with bits of my scalp, sobbing as I fell back against the wall, screaming at the mirror.
"Stop it!!!" I sobbed as my neck started burning,  skin bubbling as I pounded against the door, blood and tears covering the floor. I gripped the edge of the sink,  pulling myself to my feet, screaming as I looked into the mirror,  my reflection looking back at me. Her makeup perfectly done,  hair pinned back and a smile gracing her lips as she lifted a tube of red lipstick and started to paint her mouth, my own lips burning as blood started running from my mouth. I threw my head back, screaming with all the strength I possessed, light flickering as I took a step back, falling forward. The last sound I heard was my skull cracking against the edge of the bathtub...

She pulled the lipstick away from her mouth, gracing her perfect reflection with a smile, admiring herself with a happy glimmer in her eyes. PERFECT. Flawless.... Beautiful.

Maybe the monsters don't live inside of us.. maybe the real monsters are the ones we paint on our faces every day.

© 2014 Megan

Author's Note

This is the first I've written in some time, written for a friend. The idea is still very raw.

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Added on March 3, 2014
Last Updated on March 3, 2014
Tags: horror, first person, gore




Hello, my name is Megan. I'm a small town girl from Colorado with some big city dreams. . I haven't written in a long time, though I've been putting more and more time into it. I started writing whe.. more..


A Story by Megan

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A Story by Megan