Golden Butterflies

Golden Butterflies

A Poem by Tallulah

You're my golden butterfly and I refuse to let you go.


You were my everything.

You lifted me from darkness

And into Light.

You showed me what life

Was really about.


I remember every moment

I ever spent with you.

They're like treasures

In my mind,

That I will never forget.


I've got a picture of you

Etched in my mind

And I look at it

During every rainy day I face

And every time I want to cry.

I remember how you used to laugh

How your grey eyes used to sparkle

And how you used to smile

And most of all

I remember how when I cried

You held me in your arms

And wiped away my tears.


I remember

What to this very day

I still call the best day of my life. I was sitting with you

In the old forgotten meadow

We called our santuary

We used to go there

At all hours of the day.


It was late

We were sitting in the grass

Just stargazing

The moon filled the meadow

With a silver light that made everything

Seem so beautiful

A large group of bright yellow butterflies

Flew above us

With the moonlight shinning on them

They looked gold...

It was strange; ya know

I've never seen butterflies at night


I'm not sure

But the moment you saw t

hose golden butterflies

It was as if

You had a sudden epiphany

You turned on your side

And looked at me

Until I turned on to my side

To look at you;

Eyebrows lifted in question


"I love you"

Those words made my heart

Jump for joy

And then you kissed me

It was so different

From all the other kisses

We shared

It wasn't hesistant

It wasn't a



Kinda kiss

It was a kiss that said

I know I love you

And I know this is right


I kissed you back

Saying the exact same thing

And those golden butterflies

Seemed to dance above us

In happiness.


After taht day

Things seemed great

For a little while

Then things started

Going down hill

And then one day

You disappeared

Never saw you again

Never saw those

Golden butterflies either......


I still love you though

With my whole heart

And I never really let you go

And I really never will

Because you're just like

Those golden butterflies...

A once in a lifetime sight

A oncve in a lifetime opurtunity

And if I let you go

I'll never get you back.


So forever you'll be

My golden butterfly....


© 2009 Tallulah

Author's Note

i really like this poem even though its a little long. Its one of my favorites.

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Beautiful. I love how you show, you can embrace love, clutch it tightly and enjoy the given moments, but there may come a time that you have to let go. Knowing that time and being able to do so, is a special time of becoming a mature adult in realizing you can't hold onto what is no longer yours, but the beautiful memories will remain with you, untarnished because you released that golden butterfly to enjoy it's short life. You were the silky cocoon that gave it freedom. The truest form of love.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow this is a really great poem! i enjoyed the way you demonstrate the love that is felt in the moment and how unconditional love will prevail in spite of circumstances! Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is a beautiful piece. A longing heart never fades. Well penned.


Posted 11 Years Ago

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I have shivers running down my back...I'm in love with your words. I literally want to cry...thank you for sharing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Pretty ^^ Sad, but I like the sadness in it. I especially like "And if I let you go

I'll never get you back."

Very pretty, and I love the way it flows, its like its spoken from the heart. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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