A Chapter by Frank B. Thompson, III

Futurists, utopia and communism.


Futurists of every generation long believed the human race would attain lofty ends, colonizing and creating a utopian world on earth and other planets that would be the envy of the past.  Their visions of the future became the dreams of humanity until the day arrived when those dreams were shattered, smashed by the shackles of the totalitarian regimes.

The year is 3.621 and the one remaining bastion of freedom and liberty in the world is the nation Terra, latin for Earth.  Arrayed against the lone democracy were four Communist nations who had their greedy eyes set on this one, final holdout, world domination was within their grasp.

What would happen if the communist nations succeeded?  Terra, like other conquered nations would enter a new period of The Dark Ages.   That part of humanity under the tyrants’ thumbs had become a desperate existence.  To make matters worse, each monarch believed himself to be a Demigod, their word was law.    The power of the tyrants was absolute, maintained by statecraft involving propaganda and a military machine that would crush the truth.  The malcontents, those that remembered better times, were found and liquidated.

The communists came to power slowly, over the course of centuries with promises of creating a Utopia.  Only too late did the citizens of each nation that fell under their spell come to realize their promises had been nothing but lies.  As the yoke  of the State tightened, ignorance among the masses became pervasive.  State-run education centers and the state-controlled media did their part in dumbing down the people, at the same time rewriting history to prevent the once-prosperous times from being rediscovered.  Knowledgeable, free thinking men and women were removed from society.  Correspondingly, innovation and the motivation to succeed disappeared as living conditions and way of life returned to far more primitive times.

The gleaming glass and steel cities futurists’ envisioned did exist but only as the Palaces or Temples within the communist Capitols and Regional Control Centers.  Only when it was too late did humanity discover that Communism was not the savior it professed to be, conversely it was the bane of humanity.

One last bastion of freedom and liberty remained, the nation of Terra on the subcontinent of Australia.  For nearly four centuries, the communists had attempted to subjugate this last major democracy.  For more than four-hundred years the Terrans had successfully beat back the communist hordes.

© 2013 Frank B. Thompson, III

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Added on June 27, 2013
Last Updated on July 23, 2013


Frank B. Thompson, III
Frank B. Thompson, III

Big Canoe, GA

I'm a former software executive turned fiction writer who also doubles as a husband, dad, chauffeuring service, family gofer whose remaining time is spent traveling, going to the gym, playing tennis, .. more..