Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Kelly

Dallas's P.O.V.


She had fallen; fainted most likely. Not a surprise. The one or two he’d seen moments after being bitten (considering they weren’t killed) usually acted about the same way. She’d be up soon. River hadn’t even tried to catch her as she fell. He glanced at her, to find she was staring at him, her huge dark eyes filled with irritation.

            “Fight.” She mouthed, pulling her lips back to reveal her teeth, still slightly pointed although she was her human form. He huffed at her before spinning around. Armage nearly had him pinned down, even with blood matting down his ebony fur. Dallas gave a snarl and loomed over the two of them, glaring at this new-comer. There were so many strange ones here. He’d have to remember to watch his back or he’d get his a*s killed.

            Back, Dallas. Armageddon snarled, lashing his tail back and forth without even looking back at the brown wolf. Dallas, ignored him, suddenly angered by this dark brown rogue wolf, who had come so close to killing the girl.

            I SAID BACK! Armage turned his face to Dallas and snapped. The rogue wolf saw this as an opportunity, and lunged forward, jaws grabbing hold of Armage’s neck. S**t. Dallas leapt forward, snapping at the rogue’s muzzle, trying to get him to let go. It was common knowledge the most vulnerable part of a being was his jugular vein. Luckily, wolves had especially thick hair right there for protection, but if the rogue’s teeth sunk in long enough… Armage would be a goner. Finally, Dallas stepped back, only to jump right back at his opponent’s ear, closing his teeth around it and ripping a good part of it off. The rogue howled in pain and Armage lifted himself backwards, chest heaving. He growled at Dallas, who still had the fragment of the rogue’s ear in his mouth. The blood of it danced upon his tongue, willing him to do more, to slash at this rogue with his teeth, to spill more blood. It was the bloodlust taking over his mind. He snarled and spat the thing out before he could go into a complete frenzy and kill all of his friends. He’d been like this for a while, but not long enough to even try and resist such strength. Not like Armage, who could bite and tear as much as he wanted to without giving in… he even seemed to be able to channel the bloodlust into hurting his opponent and not everyone in the area. That was what mostly made Armage so impressive, apart from many other things.

            Armage took down the rogue in a matter of seconds. Dallas, who had foolishly leapt into battle on a sudden surge of protectiveness for the new girl, was no longer needed, and no longer had any part in the battle. He paced back and forth behind Dallas, watching him take down the rogue with weary eyes, ready to attack if Armage somehow became incapacitated. Of course, no such thing happened, and in a few moments, the rogue was yelping at Armage for mercy.

            Please! He yowled. Stop! Armage scoffed and took a step backwards, pink tongue lolling over crags of teeth and dangling into the air. His fur-filled chest heaved.

            Have you no honor? Let me be done with you. He closed his mouth and let out a low growl while the rogue scampered to his feet.

            No, no. You do not understand. I am needed… His green eyes were wild and Dallas wondered if he were insane. It was possible. He had seen it a few times before. It was usually either from the bloodlust or just from not being able to handle the transformation. They were supposed to kill all who were mentally unstable in order to protect the general population and their secret.

            You are needed in the Deadlands. It is my duty to bring you there. Armage said, sounding a little more calm. Dallas glanced at his sapphire blue eyes, though, and saw they were still radiant with anger.

            No! No! Listen, wolf-brother! Some-

            We are no wolf-brothers of yours! Dallas exclaimed, coming forward with a snarl. The simply glanced at him before giving his ears a flick and turning back to Armage, who glared at Dallas.

            Silence. I will talk to you when we are done with this. He said in a low tone. Dallas lowered his tail until it sat between his legs, flicked his ears back, and finally lowered his head so his eyes were staring at the cold floor, in a display of submission. He heard Armage scowl before turning back to the rogue, who went on blabbering.

            I am not mad, I promise. Something new is coming. Something new and dark and beautiful and intoxicating and… and… better for us then anything you have ever experienced. Join our ranks, friend, and you too will reap the rewards when the BloodNight comes.  He said. Dallas heard the drool drip from his tongue onto the floor as he panted. Armage paused.

            Of what do you speak, rogue?

            The BloodNight! When all opposition will be massacred and Her power reinstored. We will feed upon whomever we want, and have our way with them too… he paused, and Dallas flicked his teal gaze up to see the rogue staring at the new girl, who still lay on the floor, unconscious. He let out a warning growl before Armage snarled at him, causing Dallas to lower his head once again.

            No such thing has been told to me. That is insanity, it will not happen. Be gone, you wolf. I have no interest in your propaganda. You will die by my teeth. It your time. Armage spoke with impressive certainity, and Dallas heard the rogue wolf snarl in frustration. There were a few more growls and a yelp. Dallas looked up, just in time to see the rogue scampering past him, out towards the street, turning back into his human form before he reached the passing cars.

            “Shall I pursue him?” River asked, raising a blond eyebrow. Armage growled in frustration but shook his head.

            No. It’s not worth it. He’s crazy, he’ll most likely get hit by a car within the hour. Armage slowly began to transform back into his human state. He was far taller then Dallas, reaching almost six feet, and completely ripped. His hair was thick and and went past his shoulders. It shone in the dim lighting. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, as usual, but had mastered the art of ‘hiding’ his jeans, and had them on now. His blood stained his neck, that was the worst wound by far, although the gash on his shoulder wasn’t anything to scoff at either.

            “Somebody needs a haircut.” River said flirtatiously, stepping up to him and twirling a finger around his messy locks. He paid her no heed and walked over to the new girl. Dallas sighed, knowing his punishment was looming over him, and willed himself to transform back into a human. The familiar bursts of pain accompanied him until he was standing back on two legs. Luckily for him, his jeans had stayed on this time. River reached into the backpack she had been carrying and pulled out a red shirt for him. He hastily pulled it on over his head, not that he was cold, and followed Armage, keeping a respectful distance. River walked alongside him, arms crossed around her chest, obviously frustrated that, once again, her attempts at seducing Armage had been foiled by how seriously he took his job. Apparently, they had used to have a sort of thing before he was promoted to Beta. Since then he had been completely dedicated to his position and avoided any distractions.

            “River, help me with her.” He said. River stepped over, her light blonde hair bobbing in a high ponytail, her big dark eyes flickering uneasily. Dallas had to hide a smile when he saw jealousy pass through. Really, River? Of the unconscious chick who hasn’t even spoken? Females were completely insane sometimes. He yawned lazily as he watched the two of them prop her head up.

            “She needs water.” Armage commented.

            “I got it.” Dallas said, pulling out a bottle from River’s backpack and tossing it at River, who caught it while shooting him a weary glance. She opened the bottle and placed her thumb on the new girl’s lower lip, gently pulling it downwards. Then, with the utmost of care, she tilted the bottle into the mouth before pulling it up about three seconds after. The new girl sat up, stuttering, but still looking too pale.

            “What happened? Oh s**t. Did I faint? Where’d Ethan go? He tried to kill me? And the wolves?” she blinked a few times before letting out a stuttered gasp and grasping onto Armage to support herself. Another glare of envy flashed through River’s eyes and Dallas silently shook his head to himself.

            “Relax. You are safe. The rogue… Ethan, he is gone.” Armage explained softly. The girl looked up at him, seeming to register his presence for the first time.

            “And the other wolves?” she whispered. River gave a quiet laugh.

            “You needn’t worry about them dearie.” She purred, smiling. Being friendly even though she sees the girl as a potential threat to her ‘good standing’ with Armage? I don’t think I’ll ever understand women… Dallas stood off a few feet away, watching the scene. He stared at the girl. She wasn’t ugly, really. Frightened, yes, bleeding from her shoulder wound, yes. But she had gorgeous features, high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes that already looked wolf-like. Her lips were big and full, her nose well defined. He looked at her eyes again, they were a green-hazel color. Suddenly, they flashed at him, lying on his for a mere second, but finding something in there that she recognized. He watched her pupils widen as she exclaimed, breathless.

            “You! You’re one of the wolves! You have his eyes!” she struggled against Armage, who gently held her down.

            “Patience. All will be explained, I promise. What is your name?” Armage asked as the girl settled down and stopped trying to free herself.

            “Tuesday.” She said without taking her eyes off of Dallas.

© 2010 Kelly

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