The Lake

The Lake

A Story by Jason


Frigid water caves into my lungs. Swallowing gulps of salt covered breaths, made of liquid and certainly frozen. Panic is not far from settling. The last clear sounds were a creaking, crackling, and a crashing, as I was swallowed whole. The frantic search began. Seeking the mouth from where I held my last gasp of true air, my hands are held above my head, feeling for a break in this slippery cage that held me below. I was caught in the belly of a frozen lake. My bones rattled as the cold started to overwhelm me. My skin shivered until the numbness consumed my flesh. Like a million needles paralyzing my muscles, I felt the burning freeze climb up my spine. The lack of oxygen caused my veins to slow with the beat of my heart, my center, my life started to drift away. The useless sun scattered reflections of the ice, sending beautiful shafts of shining light through the water that seemingly would become my final rest. The very irony being that these waters I have so many times found sanctity in, would be my demise. I can barely see the little life around me now. The blur of the stinging water hinders my sight as my consciousness begins to melt away. I will soon join the hardened water and become still, floating endlessly along, until the arrival of spring thaws me. Darkness is giving in…but not one of death- A vessel drifts above me breaking me free of this frozen prison. Scattered life reaching down to save my once doomed body. Warm grasps from familiar hands pulling me to dry air. At the moment before I was lifted out from this cold hell, I was suddenly pulled back in by a set of razor teeth, gnawing and chewing me to a new death. This much more warmer, much more painful. The once icy blue water was now painted a hot burning red. The sun shone in beautiful crimson shafts; reflecting the blood off the ice as I disappeared from the cold lake, and was swallowed whole again, but this time, never to be saved.

© 2008 Jason

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As reading, I felt my chest get tight because your words were so vivid. How things in our life that are so beautiful can become the death of us, baffles me.

"I was suddenly pulled back in by a set of razor teeth, gnawing and chewing me to a new death.:

This line sent chills down my spine. You have an amazing way with words Jason.

Posted 11 Years Ago

intereting use of words there

Posted 11 Years Ago

good imagery.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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