A Poem by FlawedByDesign

The girl across the rainbow of my dreams...



I entertain the sun to greet the moon,
To slip into the world of reverie,
Let the whimsical carry me away.

Through the meadows of birds and butterflies,
Past the green forests splendid with beauty,
Towards the mountains eternally white.

Across frosted glaciers and lakes sublime,
Where the sun adorns heavenly droplets,
Painting a spectrum of light in the sky.

Stop - this is where she reigns atop her throne,
Colouring my nights with her love divine,
Embracing me in her arms so tender.

The girl across the rainbow of my dreams,
With eyes so beautiful they set me free,
Kissing her gorgeous face makes me complete.

© 2010 FlawedByDesign

Author's Note

This poem refers to the same girl as RAY OF LIGHT.
Sadly things did not take off between us :(

Awarded on the the "Dreams Awards" in the following contest,

Thank you for the feedback should you leave it.

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I think this is very well written. It reads like two poems rolled in one.. one talking about the breathtaking hues and colors of nature, much like a rainbow, and the other talking about the girl across the rainbow herself. Imagery has always been your forte, and it shows in this write. I'm sorry to know that it didn't take off between you and her. Maybe you could have shown her this poem!
I don't think I can offer any points for criticism here, apart from the fact that this poem resembles many of your romantic writes, especially "Colour of love". While this isn't bad per se, I think there could have been more distinction between you poems.
Very well written!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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beautifully written.....great job

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Such a beautiful poem. So very romantic. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and the queen of your dreams. This is so sweet and loving.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I think I last saw you at "The color of love". Sorry for my extended absence. I can see why this won an award. You are so full of love and compassion and your most wonderful expressions of love and adoration speak admirably for your heart. This is a delightful and uplifting piece and sings the praises of beauty in all things, especially in the love. Once again Ivan my friend, I am both humbled and impressed by your devotion to love and beauty. You've been a busy little Bee since my absence. Alas, I am preoccupied and haven't gotten much writing done. I am glad your here.

Posted 13 Years Ago

We often compare our loves to beautiful things...using the most beautiful adjectives and metaphors...trying to convey our feelings the best way we know how...even the craftiest of wordsmiths only come close...
Love is indescribable...the feelings we experience are unique and overwhelming...so powerful they make us powerless to think of anything else at times...it's that feeling we get making love that we just can't get close enough...no matter how we try...
I'm sure this is what you were trying to convey in your poem... It is sweet and makes us feel the longing...but the true essence of love still rides the breezes of the ethereal...destined to be "better felt than telt..."
Nice one...

Posted 13 Years Ago

simply beautful, i this was a great write. i loved how you used nature to express your love.

Posted 13 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

intense verbalization. Sorry things didn't work out. Maybe girl was unsure of how to react being placed "upon a throne" the colors of nature were magical and the love in this poem was apparent.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is absolutely wonderful. There are so many perfect lines and the whole thing just takes your breath away. Being a girl, I do love that last line. Wonderful piece Ivan, as usual.

Posted 13 Years Ago

When I read your poem, I am pulled into that state of dreaminess. I feel my hand is being held with words and lead into fields of fancy. Love is the one emotion, I think, that brings out the full spectrum of feelings. Love makes us see life differently, good or bad. I find the free verse form to flow quite nicely. Lovely poetic expression.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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wow, i mean really, wow, speechless

Posted 13 Years Ago

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The name is Ivan - I'm 31. I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I left my country in 94 because of the civil war. After emigrating, my family lived in France for 2 years before coming to Canad.. more..


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