A Story by Gavin Keary

This is an actual dream I had once.


I am standing in a huge mall parking lot. It is raining so hard, I cannot see across the road. I am getting drenched in my red shirt and blue jeans. The air is cold and frigid.


I look to my left and see a long strech of stores and parking lot with a restaraunt in the middle of the lot. I hear a loud song, like a semi truck starting not too far from me. My head whips around to my right, and I see my father and all of my immediate family in the cab of this huge Semi truck. My dad waves at me and pulls the cord to let a shrill horn blare. The truck starts to move, but it bounces up and down like a cartoon truck would. 


It makes a lap around the parking lot and drives by me. Just as it passes me, I hear this deafening crunch and explosion. I then run full force into the store behind me. I tis some sort of science store with all these toys having to deal with science. I scream for someone to help me, and about three of the staff who are wearing white lab coats and glasses rush out of the store, with me leading them.


We reach a crash site with the truck completely engulfed on fire. There are bodies. My step father and four year old brother lay face down in a pool of thick red blood. I look to the right and I see my mom, all scratched and bruised up, kneeling over the bodies of my brother and sister. They too are lying in their own blood. The guys in the labcoats pick up my mom and help her away from the crash.



Then I wake up.

© 2008 Gavin Keary

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Gavin Keary
Tell me what ya think!!

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Posted 16 Years Ago

Well written, as always XD

Very well done. I would have put in a few more emotions and thoughts, but apart from that it was really well done. Keep it up!

Posted 16 Years Ago

There are a lot of things that could of brought this dream on and the meaning could be something completely on the opposite end of what it was [so don't take it at face value as dreams are not always black and white].

Posted 16 Years Ago

There is a lot of truth in dreams, and you dream them for a reason, look deep into what it says and what is happening in your life at the moment, i believe there is truth there for you somewhere.
Maybe not in the form of an accident, as in a serious one, but maybe an argument or huge fall out.

This is written well and i can feel the huge emotions around it.
I have kept a dream diary for years and there is real meaning behind what we see in them.
Keep writing, you will always come back to them.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2008


Gavin Keary
Gavin Keary

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