Six Word Story

Six Word Story

A Poem by Kenneth The Poet

A poem dedicated to me, because I feel responsible

The nerd god of
folk poetry
said it best,

I’m a driver
I’m a winner
Things are
gonna change
I can feel it

Well, I am
not that man

I personify the
string of antonyms
that are contrary
to the bolded,
italicized prose

I’m not a driver,
I am a passenger

I’m not a winner,
I’m a failure

Things won’t change
and I can feel it too

In this case, empiricism
equates to common sense

And the cast of Glee
backs me up as I mouth
the Spanish part
of the chorus

Soy un perdedor!

And the chorus
continues onward,
asserting the truth
that I am a failure
and that I should
become the end result
of societal Darwinism

Except I don’t have
a guitar string
strong enough
or a
Douglas fir beam
high enough
off the floor
in which to
commit the deed.

And the committed,
Biblical zealots
will tell you that
societal Darwinism
is the ultimate result
of a denial of the Lord’s
sovereignty over humankind

And my answer
is that the belief
in hell is its own
form of pessimism,
its own form of nihilism

Religious nihilism
is equitable to
societal Darwinism

The prime directive
is to survive
and multiply
and when one of
those two basic tenets
are compromised,
it makes life
not worth living

Of course,
not everybody
subscribes to
this simple,

Some people
wisely understand
that there is
a purpose
to this life
and that the
divine silence
is not a
problem at all,
but a simple fact
build into this thing
called existence

Christian theism
is the only
point of view
that supplies the
reasons for how
existence came about,
and there is no
escaping this truth

In other words,
I was dealt this
s****y hand and
I have to play it
even though
I won’t win
any tricks in
this game of
five hundred

To quote a
s****y poet
who knows more
useless information
than the guy who
wins all the rounds
of interactive trivia
at Buffalo Wild Wings,

November Oscar,
November Zero,
are unable,
and so they are
November Zeroes

And now we have
come full circle
like we drove
the circuit from
Fargo to Grand Forks
to Minot to Bismarck
and back to Fargo

The nerd god of
folk poetry
said it best,

Soy un perdedor!
I am loser, baby!
Why don’t you kill me?

So much for playing
the hand I was dealt

The prime directive
is no longer violated

This is the
silver lining
around the
mushroom cloud
of my despair

All because the happy-faced,
Santa Claus-looking drunk
wrote a six word story,

For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn

© 2011 Kenneth The Poet

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A clear hint to an emotional turmoil, your poem literally screams out your guilt and self-derision. The rawness of these feelings was conveyed well enough to the reader. And since the poem is personal as well, I hope you feel better soon.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Such anger and bitterness! Wow! A very powerfully-written piece, Kenneth.

And you know...I don't believe it! You are NOT responsible!

Posted 12 Years Ago

As was said below me, "Thank You for an excellant poem." The last line os very sad for what it implies though.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Thank you for a amazing poem. I like the many good quotes. Some are part of my generation.
"Soy un perdedor!
I am loser, baby!
Why don’t you kill me? "
You can always entertain me with good story. Thank you for a excellent poem.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow. All of my favorite trademarks of your poems, in spades--the awesomely unpredictable references (Buffalo Wild Wings :D), the depressing but logical arguments, style, I guess you'd call it? This one really touched me. A lot of pain lying under the words. I keep trying to think of how to describe it, but I can't. Just amazing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Heart rending. From start to finish. Your poetry brings out the depths of despair. I wish you peace. Regardless of ones views religious or Darwinistic, we are meaningful one to another in ways we can't even imagine.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Your last line struck my heart like a lightning bolt. Key. I know they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger but darn if it makes any sense, does it? An incredible piece Kenneth.

Posted 13 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

your mind and words never cease to amaze me my friend another piece of gold from the geek .

Posted 13 Years Ago

fantastic job here..

I love your poetry as you likely already know.. your streaming consciousness is endlessly intriguing and the imagery selections are calculatingly impressive.. I love the unique signature that all your poetic expressions hold, I can verify trough word selection and tone that its you who has scribed a piece.. your thoughts and feelings are resolute and impress the point quite clearly.

Knowing where your pain derives from.. I can see the subject all over these words and while its sadness is painful.. the poetry it creates is awake in its forceful nature..

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Kenneth The Poet
Kenneth The Poet

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