Christmas Holiday

Christmas Holiday

A Poem by Raven

it is about Christmas with my family .

Christmas Holiday

It is November and the leaves are turning colors.
It is raining again.
Why is it raining again?
It make me sad when I hear the rain fall from the sky.
I am lying down on my bed listen to the rain.
I hate the rain because it makes me sad, and depressed but I love listen to the rain.

It almost time for Christmas.
That mean there will be snow coming soon.
November pass by like dust.
There is snow, and it is wet and cold for me.
We celebrate the Wicca holiday and Christmas holiday.
We light the candles and we chant.
After we chanted we sat down and eat some fish.
My other family are happy but I am depressed again.
So I keep quiet and eat the rest of my food.

There is snow fall down on the ground.
It is a white Christmas.
It is after midnight and it is still snowing.
I wish I could go home and be alone in my room.
I start getting restless and tired.
So I go in the bathroom and to cry.

No one motioned that I was cry in the bathroom.
No one come to see what is wrong with me.
No care about me.
I am still in the bathroom just wishing I could go home.
Three hours has pass by and we are still here.
I am tired of by here.
I just want to sleep on my own bathroom.
So I go in the kitchen and sit down at the table eating more fish.
So I went to the couch and lying down, and fall sleep and I was dreaming about wolves.
The dream was nice and sweet.
I wish that really happen in real life.

Than someone woke me up.
I love white wolves in the snow.
The snow is coming down fast and heavy, and I wish it was not a white Christmas.
The snow down throughout the night.
So I go back to couch and fall back to sleep.
I was dreaming about that white wolves in the snow again.
They are so beautiful in the snow.

It is Christmas morning and we are opening up presents and we are standing around the Christmas tree.
After we opening up our presents we sat down at the table eating a big breakfast.
We started to sing Christmas carol and I start to feeling little bit depressed so I went into the other room.
The only thing I want to do is to go home and lying on my bed but I know its not going to happen.

It is Christmas day and we are still at my aunt’s house.
Three hours has pass by and it is time for dinner time.
We are eating some turkey and with vegetables and cranberry sauce.
Everybody is laugh and joking around.
No one motioned how unhappy I have been this pass Christmas.

I just keep to myself and continue eating my food.
After we ate our food, we sat at the and we play a board game for the rest of the night.

That was my family Christmas holiday.

© 2010 Raven

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Added on February 7, 2010
Last Updated on February 7, 2010



toronto, ON, Canada

dude I love to paint and draw... I am studying to be a writer .... I mostly write my poems base I my emotions.... oh yeah I am a goth/emo and I am also bi too ... I love to just listen to metal... .. more..