The Prince of Kyria: Ade's Prayer

The Prince of Kyria: Ade's Prayer

A Book by Haeshin

Tragedy sets a boy free of one world and sends him to another, where the gods demand he take his place as king. But a magical desert royal? Him? As if! This is not a Disney princess movie!


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Full Summary: Tragedy sets a boy free of one world and sends him to another, where the gods reveal that yet more tragedy awaits him. Along with the fact that he could only be there if his mother is dead, Jay Delafoy faces a kingdom that's gone to hell for the past few centuries. A sacred duty has caused the people of Kyria to be hunted like dogs, killed like demons, and ostracized to the extreme because if they are not, then there is no tomorrow for everyone else. Many nations are determined to hunt them into extinction.

And after so many years of cruel persecution Kyria isn't about to view a long-lost prince as their savior. Their kings and queens were once viewed as mortal gods and it's because the gods abandoned them that the people have fallen so far. Until he somehow restore their faith Jay won't have a chance to find out if his mother's really dead, so for that reason at least he goes forward as Jased Delafoy al-Kyr, the one and only Prince of Kyria.

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Added on February 16, 2017
Last Updated on May 4, 2017
Tags: kyria, fantasy, magic, gods, prince, alternate world, desert, hero, royalty, discrimination, prejudice, persecution




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Ade's Prayer Ade's Prayer

A Chapter by Haeshin