Lucky Man

Lucky Man

A Story by Garrett

This is the story of a lucky guy who lived in a rollercoaster

John Bramby was such a lucky man. Concieved due to a money transaction without the required precautions, he was raised by his aunt and her 14 cats. They were 14 (!!) and he was allergic, nevertheless she never got rid of them such was the consideration she had for her nephew.
 As soon as he turned 18 he found a job in the reception of a 2 star hotel and left home. One week after that he discovered that his new german roommate was gay, due to legal issues he wasn't allowed to leave the house for the next 6 months. During that time he learned how to fall asleep right next to an orgy. He also got used to other kind of disturbing noises, the hotel was the typical after party from the Ninfetas Piradas Stripclub. Luckily, once in a while, he could use a vacant hotel room to please a needy stripper whose client was too drunk to perform sexual intercourse.
In a messy saturday morning he entered room 69XXX to clean it and found Chesty Sweetkiss laying naked with the bedsheets between her wrecked legs. She was sleeping with a smile on her face like she was a 15yo girl who has just lost her virginity with her Pince Charming. He was still under the effects of narcotics from last night and gathered the courage to jump into the bed and help Chesty worsen that mess. Apparently that was an epic performance so that she tattoed "J. Longgun B." in her left inner thigh. Since then they started dating and every night they watched the sunrise together between the bedsheets of room 69XXX or 4BDSM.
Certain day he entered in the usual room of the friday acts and she was there, as expected. The problem were the other 7 New York Giants players performing the testdrive. Two weeks later she was leaving Ninfetas Piradas because of the new job as pre-game semen receptacle. She didn't even say goodbye.
Fortunately that coincided with the end of the 6 months living in the Pansexuality Chamber. So he moved to another place, this time with a room just for himself. The house was everything but normal and safe, two traits he desperately needed from a domicile. It was presented to him as a place where a music student and a herbologist were thriving for success but it revealed to be a haunt for Rockstars, Drug Dealers and Artist Muses. For 2 months he lived the dream. Watching private concerts with the most famous artists and sharing narcotics with them, possessing Venus descendents too good for the playboy mansion and getting paid to deliver packages among the most fancy condos in New York City.
He even won the lottery! He left home screaming, showing the world how happy he was. John was so excited that he forgot how to deal with the dangerous man standing in the entrance hall. During an access of euphoria he gave a n****e twister to JJ-Redneck. The gangster was going through a difficult period of his emotional life and just shot John Bramby in the middle of the eyes and left the house with his lottery ticket.
There was no funeral.

© 2013 Garrett

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Added on April 8, 2013
Last Updated on April 8, 2013
Tags: Luck, money, strip, life



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