I was told to wait for you

I was told to wait for you

A Poem by M'Fun Keap

Inspired by one of my favorite gospel spoken Word Artists, Janetikz


I was told to wait for you.

But deep in my solitude I felt

alone. Looking at the world I

filled the void in my heart

not with missions from God

but with visions of you


You were not ready. But

I could not be still and hold

steady. Too impatient to

wait for God’s Spirit to form

in you His perfect complexion, I

settled for the model of my own

reflection. Tossing my Faith

into the enemy’s slot machine

for a chance to play his game.

Each time, slowly shifting my gaze

from the one who held my fate

and fixed it on the next date I

had with hell's bait.


So I shifted and twisted the

hand of God for you and

ended up with a substitute.

A look alike.

Molded to conform to the

image of what my heart

desired, but was far from

what was God’s inspired.


She was not you, and

somehow I knew.

But I chose to delude myself

into believing this substitute

would someday become you.

Too blind a fool to realize

that if she did not fit the

description of Proverbs 31,

then she was NOT the one.


So I sold my heart as the object of

relationship’s pinball game as I,

frantically bounced it off empty

worn out vessels to, desperately

gain points in the eyes of the one

I was looking to impress, but each

time getting depressed in the process

of finding “Kate” at “Love’s gate”


*Sigh* Sad ain't it?


I was this close || to meeting the one,

that was formed in the image of

the Son. The enemy, upset that I

would meet my one blocked my

path with sinful distractions, which

fuelled by my desires got me lost in

lust’s maze of diverse temptations.

But when “fate” whispered in my

ears that my date was late, It took

God’s Grace to lift me out of “Lust’s

Maze” I was lost in, and set me on

1st Corinthians 13

© 2015 M'Fun Keap

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Added on January 21, 2015
Last Updated on January 21, 2015
Tags: Christian, Gospel, Relationships, Love, Patience


M'Fun Keap
M'Fun Keap

Abuja, Nigeria

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