I can kill too

I can kill too

A Poem by Sarah


I feel the need to laugh,
But I won’t
I feel the need to cry
So I will
Silly of me to assume
How can you really know me?
Let me just say
I want to tell you who I am
Now hush and listen up
My name is not like yours
My name has neither a beginning nor an end
It has no letters at all
It can’t be said by you or me
It can’t be mention neither by the fire nor the wind
No creature can utter it
For my name is the silence created by the lack of sound
It was given to me the day I was created
By mother by my father, I don’t know
Maybe I had it before I was born
I’ve lived so long that names don’t really matter
You must call me by my name
Oh but you can’t say it at all
Well that must mean you mustn’t call on me at all
There is the first answer to the question you can’t answer
For I’ll only answer those that are unasked
Shhhh, what did I just say?
I speak to the silent          
If you talk I shall leave
Now isn’t this a pleasant chat
Oh my what a good listener you are
My name is the silence of life
I remember when I was short-lived in conversations
Now my dear I am the very essence of all existence
Silence is the fuel of life
Sad in a way
Too bad I really don’t care
They should have listened to me at the beginning of times
Words only hurt and kill
Words are worse than any war
Now all that is left
Is the lack of them
And silence is much more hurtful
Than any single word
You’re screwed
You’ve met me
I direct life
I direct your life
You should have listened when you had the chance
Now silence will kill
Silence will never leave you alone
Kill or be killed they used to say
Guess what, you’re already dying
I feel the need to cry
But I don’t care that much
I feel the need to laugh
So I am
A silent laughter kills faster

© 2008 Sarah

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this is a great hurtful poem. I like the title of the piece "I Can Kill Too" . It shows that u have raw emotions. You've been hurt alot and letting everyone that even though u are nice.....since betrayal u can be mean too.

great piece

Posted 16 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 7, 2008



S-A-R-A-H my name so simple, made up of five letters, each letter has a meaning, a purpose, a place where it belongs. It is similar with my writting, all I say is made up of many letters, letters with.. more..

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