A Misfortunate Fortune

A Misfortunate Fortune

A Story by hope.

a short story free write using a fortune cookie. (:


                As she stares down at her fortune cookie, she begins to wonder if she should really break open its secret. She’s always been curious to the supernatural world, and has always believed in the preposterous fortunes, no matter what they say. She cautiously looks around, taking in her surroundings before she cracks the will of her cookie. “Your good nature will you bring you much happiness. 02 12 25 39 47, 12,” it reads. Oh joy, a dud. The worst day of the year so far and she’s being told the exact opposite of the truth. “Good nature? Yeah right,” she thinks to herself, remembering how this morning went with her mom and sister. They would say the exact opposite concerning her. And what is this about happiness? She can’t even grasp the thought of the last time she was close to happy. “This had the outlook of a terrible day,” she mumbles to herself, walking out the door into the world.

                As she carries out her day, the unexpected occurs everywhere, concerning everything. She got the best school parking lot, even after arriving over ten minutes late. Her least favorite teacher was out for a week with swine flu, not to mention she had no homework whatsoever. She didn’t have to work. The cutest boy she knew asked her on a date. Her friends practically worshipped her, and she didn’t fight at all with her family. That night, she died in her sleep at 12:39 a.m. “Your good nature will bring you much happiness.” Her happiness was like her good nature: short lived.

© 2010 hope.

Author's Note

its not that great... but what can i do?

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Added on February 25, 2010
Last Updated on February 25, 2010



Twin Falls, ID

i'm a girl. (: i love writing. and i seem different than what i write. sometimes life gets hard, but i gotta keep going. you keep me alive. (: more..