Proud to be a Woman

Proud to be a Woman

A Poem by Slender Smile/Husna Tayyab

THIS ONE IS DEDICATED TO MY MOTHER. Mother: "M" is for the MILLION things she gave me, "O" means only that she's growing OLD, "T" is for the TEARS she shed to save me, "H" is for her HEART of purest gold, "E" is for her EYES, with love-light sh

Proud to be a WOMAN


I bring happiness and brightness

I bring smiles and I spread them 


I take pain and I give life

I smile and I endure


I am patient and I control my anger

I am tender and yet I am strong


I give love and I spread warmth

I am not respected and I am degraded


I am hurt and yet I go on

I work day and night


To see my family happy

I sweat and I bleed


Irrespective of caste and creed

I am the symbol of love


Yet I am not loved enough

I do deserve a lot more than a pint of respect


But I expect none in return

I do not expect lavishes and luxury


I do not expect diamonds and pearls

I do not expect silks and satin


Nor do I expect publicity and praises

The only thing I expect in return


is your smile and your well-being.

You may be wondering who am I it so hard to even guess who am I?

I am a daughter and I am a sister


I am a friend and I am a wife

I am also a mother along with the others.


But most of all I am a woman,

And I am proud to be a woman.
Hats off, to my mother and all the women out there who have been strong pillars all through these years in our lives.
To the women who work during the day and who manage their home and families after coming home from work.
To the women who toil night and day to keep their family comfortable and to fill their kids' hungry stomachs.

© 2009 Slender Smile/Husna Tayyab

Author's Note

Slender Smile/Husna Tayyab

Maa Woh Ghani Chaon Hai,
Jis K Talay Beth Ker Insaan Her Gham Bhool Jata Hai,
Maa Woh Haseen Bagh Hai,
Jis Main Aulaad Ki Muhabbat K Phool Her Waqt Khiltay Rehtay Hain,
Maa Samunder Ki Tarah Gehra Dil Rakhti Hai,
Jo Aulaad Ki Her Ghalti Ko Dil Ki Gehraion Main Chupa Leti Hai MAA

" Maa BaaP Se KaR DostI Maa BaaP PhiR MiltE KahaN ShohraT MilI IzzaT MileY Maa BaaP PhiR MiltE KahaN "

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So beautifully expressed, so powerfully communicated... Your words do what is near impossible... bring us face to face with life, and love, and joy... that of a mother, daughter, sister, friend... that of a woman... in some cultures worshipped and in others reviled, but always the givers of life... So well done!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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A beautiful poem. Woman are the backbone of the world. I always knew because of wonderful woman like my Grandmother's who raised me. To love and protect the woman in my life. Woman do so much. We need to show appreciation for the woman around us. Your poem made me think and your wisdom in your words is outstanding.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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After God had made man, He took all that He had learned and added a touch of love and tenderness and caring as He made woman.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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This is so beautiful, truly wonderful. Your mother must be an extraordinary woman to have such words written about her and in turn, must be proud of you and your skill at writing so sincerely and skilfully.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Oh bravo dear! What a superb write and tribute to women. There should
be more writes like this one. We need to know we are appreciated, loved and
adored, but so often we are down trodden and treated so badly.

Men are always classed as the "stronger" sex and in some ways they are.
But women are built for the pain childbearing (something I don't think men would
never be able to tolerate!) and keeping the family together under
sometimes devastating hardship, without one word of complaint.

God bless all the wonderful women in our lives!

A lovely poem indeed. Thank you for sharing and submitting this to
my "Your Chance to Shine" contest. ~ Helena

Posted 13 Years Ago

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What I really like about this poem is the way it captures the human experience of being a woman. Although I think your poem has a universal message, it does make me think alot about the female experience in my own country. There are a lot of negative things that could be mentioned, but I would prefer to focus on the positive. In the nineteenth century, the western region of the country was lawless and violent. As more women settled in the West, however, the more peaceful the culture became. I think that happened because women brought tenderness, strength and love into the lives of the violent men.

I wrote a fairy tale that is oriented towards women. I think you will like it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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VERY very nice...
it was powerful and proud, just the heartfelt power in women that you see. thank you for writing this...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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WE are proud to be women!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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how definitely i agree with you..
women over the ages have been looked upon as the weak sex ,the poorly behaved ,the less clever..
the source of all the troubles in relations between the two ,male and female..
i really do not know why,maybe i knew a lot ,maybe i have special perception ..
but i always considered this creature,lovely human as always being the victim
in a society so cruel to her,i have know her and read about her to be so patient
so patient to a degree that really surprise me,how they say less clever ,i have known her to be so emotionally stable
so tolerant in times of crises she has always stood by her man,giving him courage and advice
strengthening his bones to face his life,and he will never be alone ,beside she will always
be ,without her i could never imagine how life could be..she is all loveliness ,all grace..
she is a i admire you dear lady.i could go on forever telling about her..
lovely write..

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I hope the caste system goes away in your country some day.......
This was beautiful and I hope your mother got to read it and
appreciate it. She is lucky to have you.

So what does it say in your Author's Note?

Thanks again for sharing with me.


Posted 14 Years Ago

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wow..this so amazing....just awesome...!
very powerful and heartfelt write...^_^

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on March 15, 2009


Slender Smile/Husna Tayyab
Slender Smile/Husna Tayyab

Sacramento, CA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم I fall & I pick myself up, I lose hope yet I dream I am los.. more..


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