I'm too Lazy to Send You a Letter

I'm too Lazy to Send You a Letter

A Story by i'mHiding

My Beloved Bestfriend,
I think of you as i write this, and of how i never got to say goodbye, 
But perhaps thats a good thing, rather than having myself look 
miserable in front of you. i would much rather have you go, and have 
everything normal, rather than see eachother in tears. 

I remember that summer evening, you and i ran through the tall grass,
smiling away and letting our immaturity and imagination run as swift as we did.
i remember the heat and all the laughs we shared. you were, and still are, like a 
sister to me after that.

I met you in the third grade, and i remember how sour we were towards 
eachother, and all i can do is smirk when i picture that cute childish face of yours
scowling at me because i was an annoying brat. You kept me in line, thats for sure.
I remember very little of those days only to more recent memories. But all of them, 
just the same, I cherish.

You tolerated me, as we rolled into our teens, which is where i am still stationed
as i write this just like you are. we have so much ahead of us, and so much to learn, 
but you were always so wise and patient. I was a rebellious monster, and i hate myself
at times, but you put up with me, stuck by me, kept my secrets, cared for me even when i spun out of control. My gratitude is unimaginable to you.

i remember jumping on my trampoline, and singing at the top of out voices, laughing until there were pains in out sides, you cried with me when my heart was broken, you gave and never asked anything in return. I miss you so much, 
i would give anything in the world to be able to see you for a weekend, come home
and walk the streets of out beautiful hometown like old times. 

I have changed so much, some for worse, little for better, and i'm just so thankful i can hear your voice on a telephone, among the static and background noise, just to feel happy once again, feel like a little girl again. i hope we carry this on, because to be honest your the only part of my life i like to revisit as often as i do. It makes me sad and homesick, but i know i'll find myself sitting next to you one day, being our crazy selves and all i'll be able to do is look at you while you carry on, and smile.

Because home is where your heart is,
and my heart is with you, always.

-To: Tonisha Kathleen Pateman
With love: Jestice Erinn

© 2010 i'mHiding

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this was beautiful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is so sweet, friends are forever . . .

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 9, 2010
Last Updated on May 18, 2010
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Sydney, NS, Canada

Nomatter what, your always with me (: Music Playlist at MixPod.com more..

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