Something i Said to Make Her Smile

Something i Said to Make Her Smile

A Story by i'mHiding

Hey, Did you ever think that maybe in every teardrop,
theres a whole different tiny universe?
a misty, beautiful atmosphere filled with little sea monkey people
swimming around, going about they're little lives?
There's a king and a queen and everyone's happy.
They live inside the corner of your eye, in little teardrops 
and they want nothing but to know that every other universe,
like yours is well, maybe they hope you are happy too.

Now think, 
every time you drop a tear, filled with those little people, tiny 
cities, blue surfaces and deep waters all inside it, is destroyed 
when it hits your notebook paper. 
Why do that? To all those little people?
Over what? A boy? I think so, But i don't like it.

My dear i need you to smile and dry your eyes,
stop killing innocent mirfolk over a broken heart,
which is nothing time wont heal. I'll be here for you, all the time, 
and you'll find someone new and leave me behind, stop calling, coming over..
All because your "in love" again... but i know, were getting older, 
and i could never hate you. 
I would never change you.

Lets just never get older,
Stop becoming a sick serial killer for me :)
...if not just cry on my shoulder,
if it hurts too much and you don't believe my story 

But i just tried to make you smile like you used to.

© 2010 i'mHiding

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lol this was great =) I loved the whole sea monkey people thing. This really made me smile. Well done=)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm sorry to hear that :( but I'm so glad I could help, I miss youuuuu

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Soo Jess, my grandpa died last night, and honestly.. this is the first thing that's made me laugh since I found out. I dunno who you wrote this for, but whoever it was, if they didn't laugh, they should have :P

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 22, 2010
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Sydney, NS, Canada

Nomatter what, your always with me (: Music Playlist at more..

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