Dear Me,

Dear Me,

A Story by IgniteToWrite

A cute letter to their future self from the perspective of a 6 year old girl. Ignore errors.

Dear Future Me,
I hope this letter reaches you well. I don't know you much yet, but i should in about 15
 years. Thats a long time. I haven't even reached the third grade yet! But i might have
 already found my husband. His name is Jimmy, the other day he stuck a crayon up his
 nose and i took it out for him. He said thanks! Thats big for a girl like me. He's cute too,
 even the warts on his fingers make my heart flutter. Before i start blushing, let me ask
 you a question. Do you remember that time you set Malibu barbie dolls hair on fire. Well
 i guess nows a good time to tell mommy. She still doesn't know. Oh ya, and you might
 also want to tell her about the poop in the bathtub. I just can't believe she thought it
 was a pool toy. Anyway, i wonder if your pretty. Are all your teeth in yet? I sure hope so,
 cause who would want to look at a mouth without them. But its fine for me because
 everyone else in the second grade looks exactly the same. I betcha your best friend is
 still Lydia. Is she pretty too? Just tell her I'm sorry about stealing her new sweater(it
 looked better on me anyway). Hey, what high school did you go to? Please tell me you
 didn't have a, you know, boyfriend. Eww, cooties! Well before I conclude, I have to say
 I'm already on my way to maturity. Mommy let me start wearing chap stick last week.
 Thats pretty womanly, no other girl in the second grade wears chapstick. And I know
 how to cook. I made daddy the best PB & J yesterday, he said he would serve it in his
 restaurant if he had one. And last but not least Im getting taller! I just reached 3ft 4
 yesterday! But I don't want to grow up to fast, because before i know it ill be graduated.
 And like they say, well i don't quite know what they say but i do know that when i do
 meet you, it will be the best day yet. See you soon!

© 2014 IgniteToWrite

Author's Note

I just thought this would be a fun, cute piece to write. I really hope you enjoyed it! Please comment.

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I like this. It brings back some memories. Hmph, sometimes I really want to go to the past and tell the past me that I shouldn't do this or that. But, you know, I never think about writing to the future me and warn the future me about what I should do in the future. This is inspiring.
This letter seems really written by a little girl. This is cute. The past you had a crush with a boy, thought he would be your husband, but when you've grown up you'll forgot about the boy and start to have a crush with another boy.
We don't know what will happen in the future, and we write to our future self how to live the life! I think not everyone will do something like this. I like this little girl. She has an optimistic view about future. Thanks for making this wonderful letter. I really like it!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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It was good. I like actually the concept. Thank you very much for this story, it just give me an idea on what to kind of story should I make. Thanks again :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Cool! Im glad you enjoyed it.
This was so cute, I loved it! It reminded me of when I had to do something similar in the first grade. A very, very enjoyable read, well done! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Awesome, this was a spur of the moment piece.

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