No More Online Writing

No More Online Writing

A Story by Sothe (White Princess)

Sequel to No More Writings? lol

This is just a note to let everyone know that I no longer will be posting on WC. I have officially moved to You can find me there as ilovesothe instead. I have very little works, but I hope I can post more in the future. Sorry I lost interest in WC and don't see a point in submitting works on here anymore. I am not deleting my account, and I will still answer any and all PMs. However I am done with writing on WC. I hope to review more stories in the future as well. I hope that you fans will continue to read my stuff on wattpad.
In continuation:
So I have decided to never post my writing online ever again. My reason being plagiarism. I'm not sure how much longer I will keep my stories on Wattpad up. In truth I want to make everything private at this point. I've heard many people give the advice: if you don't want it stolen don't post it online, and now I am taking that advice. I will no longer post ANY works of mine online EVER. The only people who will ever read any works by me now are my friends. That is all. Sorry to any and all fans, but I'm done. 

If anyone ever finds a work by me online, no matter where it is, please alert me to it. Seeing as I am no longer writing online I will not be on any online writing websites unless for messaging friends. My only accounts on any writing websites is Sothe (White Princess) at and ilovesothe at Anyone on any site claiming to be me without the username Sothe or ilovesothe is NOT me. I do not have any other username but those.

Again if you find my work somewhere online please alert me to it! It is a plagiarizer! Thanks for your reading and I'm sorry to all fans.

© 2013 Sothe (White Princess)

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Added on August 15, 2013
Last Updated on August 15, 2013


Sothe (White Princess)
Sothe (White Princess)

Daein - stalking Sothe >:D

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