Something Special...Why?

Something Special...Why?

A Poem by Tyrae'

Dancing with someone who doesn't realize how much you like them


An awkward tingle

Rises in my stomach

I'm close

And I'm dancing with you

For once

I don't feel

Strangely tall

Or horriblly undeserving of attention



I just feel like me

The person on the inside

Not the person on the outside

With the weird voice

The ungraceful tall legs

And huge smile,

that reveals all of my gums


It might have been half a song

But before you asked

I didn't think you cared

You may have been my date

But you weren't obligated to dance with me.

Did you even dance with anyone else?


I could have sworn you were embarrased

Because of the first time

We were forced to dance

You even confessed and told me you were

Not embarrased

But you said it was weird...

I thought I wouldn't be blessed with another dance

With you.


But then you asked me...

And my imaginative mind went reeling

With possiblilities

And the ever persistant question


Why are you asking me to dance again?

Haven't we been forced to

When I was so sure at those times

That you didn't want to...

Why dance with me now

When I've already gotten what I had been wishing for

To go to the formal with you


I only wanted to say you were my date

You didn't have to stay with me...

But you did

You didn't have to dance with me

I thought you thought we were going as friends

We didn't have to dance...

But we did

You didn't have to constantly look for me...

But you did

For almost every song


I so positively sure

That I'm confusing

Your ability to be kind to everyone

With you having some kind of non-friendship feelings for me

I'm so confused!!!

Why am I treated differently

At school?

I don't get poked

I don't get flicked

Nothing at all!

Bre and Katie's

Brusies show it all...

Is there something wrong with me?


But for that one dance...

I felt something

Don't know if you did

But it hit me while we were dancing

My arms around your neck

Your hands on my waist

I think I like you a lot more

Than I've let myself realize...


I've been denying it in my own head

I suppose i don't want to be hurt again...

And because of today

The first day I've seen you since the formal...

It seems like i will be..



Summers coming

And like it or not

Someone will be forgotten

If all i do

Is think  of you,

Then I can safely say

The forgotten one

Will be me

© 2010 Tyrae'

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Added on May 25, 2010
Last Updated on May 25, 2010
Tags: formals, guy, girl, dancing



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