It's Over Now.

It's Over Now.

A Poem by Tyrae'

Going through a break up with someone who you've been with for a while.

So we're over now.
We started as lovers,
We've parted as friends.
I feel a bit depressed now,
I guess I never fully believed that we'd come to an end.
We had been dating for so long.
We were about 2 months away from a year.

Though we had our problems,
I could have sworn that we would pull through.
But I didn't realize the strain on our relationship,
I didn't recognize the tiredness in your eyes.

We had absolutely nothing in common.
I suppose that's where the trouble began.
Once we learned everything about each other,
There was nothing to talk about because
There wasn't anything that we were both interested in.

You loved your games,
Your drum,
Your computer programs.
I wasn't into those things.
I could eagerly listen,
But I couldn't participate in our conversations.

I loved my books,
My singing,
My anime.
He wasn't into those things.
He could listen, even when he really didn't want to,
But he couldn't participate in our conversations.

In the end,
Our differences tore us apart.
It put incredible strain on the relationship.
On me.
On you.
On us.

We tried though.
We listened,
We tried new things.
You tried to read books
And I tried to play video games.
But we couldn't push away the fact,
That we couldn't really talk to each other.
Not the way we wanted to anyway.
There was a gap,
In our relationship.
You felt it,
And though I didn't want to admit it,
I felt it too. 

I just didn't want to let us go. 
I knew I was going to miss your companionship
And I do.
There's this rock in my stomach
Since we said we'd just be friends
And though I kinda miss you,
I can't wait to get over you.
Just so things can be normal again,
And I can get on with my life.

The sad thing is,
It's only day 1...

© 2012 Tyrae'

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Added on June 19, 2012
Last Updated on June 19, 2012
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