A Hidden Shade....

A Hidden Shade....

A Story by Masaking

                So the other day I got kicked out of a country, Taiwan. Mainly because I accidentally revived my physic power. This comes down to a reason on all my friends and family want to know how and why? Well it's not really that I did it on purpose. It's more like an accident.
               My friend and I were driving down the road. He was driving pretty fast. We're not in a rush or anything.
               Anyway, there was a yellow light and my friend wanted to speed up; wanted to pass it through. That moment was freaky cuz to know that the light will turn red was like uncountable.
              Somehow we managed to passed through the light before it turned red, only by less than a second. But, there was a sudden problem that the very moment we passed through the light. There was another truck came from the side. Idk about my friend but, pretty sure he saw that coming haha .. That's what she said lol! So, the truck was about to hit us and I know this will be the end!
              Clearly I don't want my life to end like this; neither is my frd. There was a lot of things in my mind during that second and it was all because my head was thinking this is the end!
               What I did was, I avoid the truck by opening my mind control. I put my hand out and made the truck slowed itself down. It gives us enough time to escape from getting hit by the truck.
              In the end, no one was hurt but, since there was a camera somewhere and i was caught! My travel to Taiwan comes to an end...... Yep! That was it!

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© 2012 Masaking

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Added on November 10, 2012
Last Updated on November 10, 2012



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