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Ike rode in to town as church let out. The townsfolk spilled forth, black suits and muted satin dresses funnelling down the main street. Newcomers to Coal Creek were nothing novel and as Ike made his way to the hotel no one paid him much mind.

He saw a sign advertising a town dinner that evening. A fortuitous night to arrive with an empty stomach, he thought to himself as he hitched his horse and entered the hotel.

“To celebrate Coal Creek's founding two years ago,” informed the man behind the hotel desk as he handed Ike a room key. “Perhaps you noticed the bust statue of its beneficent founder and mayor, Mr Greeley, at the centre of town?” The man's face soured as he said Greeley and his eyes rolled as he said beneficent. “All are welcome tonight by the way,” he added as Ike made his way up the stairs.

Greeley's speech was full of honourable mentions, mostly of his own actions to advance the town. His jokes were crude and not many people were spared. There was barely polite applause at the end and dinner was served.

The gossip ran as fast as the wine that night. Ike confirmed Coal Creek had its share of problems, and most of them came back to John Greeley. Extortion, theft of land, rape or fraud, he had a hand in it all. In Ike's opinion, he was a poor excuse for a man.

It was close to the end of the party and Ike knew he needed to act because there wasn't much time before everyone left.

He made his way on to the makeshift stage Greeley was now eating on and called for everyone's attention. Greeley looked none to pleased as he spotted his former associate.

“Greeley, I have something you want. And I am going to give it to you in front of this here town.”

“Why, what an honour, Mr. Clanton...”

“The honour is all mine.” Ike took a teddy bear from his bag and placed it softly on the table.

John Greeley sat at that table crying long after the rest of the town had gone home.

© 2015 inconsistentsea

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Added on August 14, 2015
Last Updated on August 14, 2015
Tags: flashfiction, western