Imagination is believing

Imagination is believing

A Story by Paul

Just a way to open the eyes of people that creation is possible.


 I don't know how to tell you what I am or how I feel. The thoughts on my mind are sometimes unable to translate exactly how I feel in the words I write down. I'm not perfect, no I will never be able to reach perfection nor do I care. But I will pursue whatever I need to do. To make my brain feel free.


Sometimes we dream for the impossible.


We see what we want from life and for imaginary things to come to true, like a fantasy tale from a book or movie. some dream of the apocalypse, others dream of a new beginning. Others wish that the characters from a movie or novel were alive to be an alie or a savior. Some just despice your thoughts and say it's "futile". Don't listen to them, anything is possible. Besides, your dreams and imagination can become deja vu and it can happen. Seeing is believing. But if you don't see it in the future, draw it out and make it happen. You are a artist in the making, everyone is, they just refuse to let it happen.


It's okay to dream, no one should judge you on the ways you think. 'Cause it's just who you are,your soul, your well-being and your heart. Everyone has deja vu a few times in a lifetime. Others just wait for their imaginations to be awake. Don't wait for it to wake up, brain storm ideas.


Ever had the feeling where your mind is in a trance and you want to express yourself anyway you can? I have. These type of things have benifits you know. Bring an imaginary character to life, give them characteristic, knowledge and talent. Paint their appearance, give them attributes. Learn from your creation, and have others look at your masterpiece and have them learn too.


I write and sometimes the words don't make sense but I still keep writing. This is for my satisfaction and probably for yours too. Sometimes my writing makes sense but to others ,it does not. I believe in my imagination, my tool for creation. Is it not a mystery of why such talent is being used? No, not at all. People just want their imagination and art to be seen and heard of, so they can share the magic with you. An artist at work, forever working. Bringing you joy, making you smile.


Be original, don't care about reputation. Creativity comes at a small price. But you profit the hearts of thousands in return. No, I'm not writing this to please you, I'm writing this because some people refuse to see things the way others see it. See it and believe it.


Do you believe it, are you seeing it?

© 2010 Paul

Author's Note

There may be a few errors in the piece.

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Added on December 29, 2010
Last Updated on December 29, 2010



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