A master-piece on my Mind

A master-piece on my Mind

A Poem by Paul

My dreams create my thoughts; and I'm here to view you thee experience...


Our dreams are mere puppets to our emotions.

Which illuminate into eerie sights not wanted to be seen in our brains.

Fear lurks in the shadows of our minds.

We find a path to follow to escape the evil.

Darkness is what I see in the dense night when I awaken from the horror.

"Let there be light," as my self-conscience crys out; negating the ominious


When I discover the light switch to my room; the fear, it be void.

I was only dreaming.

My dreams are no longer slaves to my emotions.

For that; I'm content.

Relief lurks in the candle-light in my mind.

I've found the path and switch to seal the evil.

Brightness is what I see when the candle-light is gleeming.

I discover my pencil, grap a piece of paper, and write write write!

My fear is imprisioned in these pages.

You're my slave now.

Sooner or later; I'll view you to the world.

Nightmare; you fear me not.

You complete me for I've made you a master-piece; viewed upon others.

I'm your master now.

Words and expressions being laid in these pages; enhancing my

capabilities to exceed.

Yes; you fill me with creativity.

Dreams; nightmares, you are fragments to me; A master-piece on my Mind.

© 2011 Paul

Author's Note

Their may or may not be an error in sight; incase if there is one, then please do tell me. :)

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Added on March 13, 2011
Last Updated on March 13, 2011



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