Stay Gold Mini Horse

Stay Gold Mini Horse

A Poem by chloe

It only darkened my soul

because you used to be gold

Now it seems your hearts grown cold

but maybe i’m just old news

and all I want to do

is jump start the fuse

but I’ve taken on a heavy mass

and the darkness just won’t pass

I keep trying to runaway

From the truth of our dismay

But its hard to pretend anymore

That it was nothing but a trap door

And I guess I’ve grown cynical

In the midst of life and misread signals

But If I said I didn't see it coming

I would be overtly embellishing

I knew deep down something wasn’t right

But I prayed I was wrong

With all of my might 

So my heart may be heavy

And my soul may be lost

But I got what I payed for

At the devil’s seducing cost

And even though I know

I should shut and lock the door

My hands just won’t let go

In hopes of sparks or something more

Its not because I miss you

Or its a pain I cannot bear

What saddens me the most

Is that the love was just not there 

a lyric that I must recall

is that it hurts when it’s nobody’s fault

and maybe that’s why I can’t stop the rain

or why there’s no one to blame

someday’s I accuse me

and other days you’re the bee

It seems a bit symbolic don’t ya think

You’re powerless, but you sure can sting

And It really makes you question who you are

When without reason, someone gives you back your heart

Was something wrong with it, I said

He returned a condescending look instead 

I know sometimes life gets in the way

But I guess I was just hoping you would stay

Like I said, its not you I miss

It’s mostly the feeling of hopeful bliss

But from the rocks, up is the only way to go

Even in the pits theres a silver line aglow

And I’ve finally found you can’t be defined

By mistakes, wrong turns, or a whole hearted mind

So at least in the end I’ll have this song

And a couple lessons from the wrongs

I guess that’s what its all about

Contrary to ‘hokey pokey’ doubt

See it’s just the way it goes

Some will stay and some will go

But you find yourself in between

All of the stumbles and kerosene

Life doesn’t stop for time to rewind

It only goes forward, even during this rhyme 


© 2011 chloe

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jex be honest I don't know how to rate that. It's a great poetic piece, and I don't think any rating would be properly expressive of how good it is. But the closest rating would be 100 :)

very well done :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 24, 2011
Last Updated on May 25, 2011
Tags: life, love, letting go, lost, confused, bored, tired, song, direction, youth, indecisive, understanding, whatever, bull shit, don't know, don't care, poetry



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